Wednesday, 14 March 2012

#SHINeeIsBack - SHINee ♥

120314 - I don't know what was expected today, but it's pretty clear that people are getting impatient and used to picture teasers, and honestly I thought they were gonna start giving us audio teaser now. Wake up, SM, it's so soon and we need to have MV teasers, too!

Anyway, this is what we got. In almost tumblr size..

It's like a line-up at Woodstock and everyone seems pissed they got dragged out of their teepee in the middle of....WHATEVER.
But they have a new standing order! With Ho gaining an extra 10cm due to his ahjumma hair, was it really necessary to put Jong next to him with his flat hair??

As expected, though, I really love the concept by now 

Today was also the day when Sherlock finally became available for pre-orders!!!!! /flailsssss
lol still haven't ordered though, cos I'm still waiting for shipping reply.

By the way totally unimpressed with SM here. Not only do they only get them a mini album, but the only freebie is a poster. Group or individual - and you can't even choose who's poster you want! It's random if you buy from music sites which is why I'm getting mine on ebay xD

I'm dying with anticipation for this album..

Edit: Obviously it also comes with a photocard

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