Monday, 19 March 2012

#SHINeeIsBack - Sherlock (digital release) ♥

120319 - The day has finally come...
Today, the 19th, midnight KST, meaning my yesterday afternoon, the comeback was finally a reality  

Sherlock was released in digital version through various sites, including iTunes. I had so been looking forward to this day and twitter was buzzing and it was gonna be glorious. 
Unfortunately, I was busy the entire day with fewer and headache and puking my guts out so it was a lot less glamorous than expected.

I still managed to order hubby to buy on iTunes so I did my part.

The track list: 
1. 셜록 (Sherlock, a hybrid of Clue + Note)
2. Clue
3. Note
4. 알람시계 (Alarm Clock) 
5. The Reason
6. 낯선자 (stranger)
7. 늘 그 자리에 (Honesty)

After a couple of listen-throughs (all my head can handle right now) my initial reaction is this. Absolutely love love LOVE Sherlock and Honesty
I also really like Note (no, not being biased cos a Danish guy made it :p) and The Reason. 
For Alarm Clock it's not that I don't like it, but that- in a bottle distinct sound that is throughout the song annoys me and kinda ruins it for me orz
Clue is a little too much Rhythm Nation (fyi I dun like Rhythm Nation) and I never liked Stranger all that much in it's Japanese version..

Personally I'm a little disappointed SM included both Clue and Note in the album. Sure, I would've wanted to hear them, but making it appear like there are 7 different songs in the album when the three are that much alike is just... 

Overall I'm really excited though. And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know there are lost of people who will be surprised and/or appalled that I'm not hands down luuuurving all of it the same, but, yeah, what can I say. I've never been that kind of fan who thinks they crap rainbows and can do no wrong. 
What solidifies my love is that I do think they're flawed and make bad songs from time to time, but since I don't expect them to be perfect it doesn't matter to me  

The picture pdf that came with the album.

I can't believe the insist on editing out his mole /shaking my head

 That gorgeous profile and neck and the glorious weave 

Turns out SM also used yesterday to FINALLY release a MV teaser.

It looks so freaking amazing I can't even ;A; 

Fewer delusions demand I go back to bed now, but I just had to check how the boys did and to see this made me teary with pride ;~;

"SHINee made their long-awaited comeback with the digital release of their 4th mini album "Sherlock". The boys released their album worlwide through Korean music sites like MelOn as well as international distribution sitesiTunes.

The moment it has been released on the midnight of March 19th, "Sherlock" immediately swept various real-time charts like MelOn, MnetBugs and more, achieving a certified all-kill.

As the album has been released worldwide through iTunes, it made a huge impact internationally as well. "Sherlock" amazingly reached 8th place on the iTunes Top Albums chart in the United States. Even more impressively, the chart is not genre specific, meaning that SHINee managed to snag such a high ranked spot amongst all albums.

The album also entered the top 10 of Japanese iTunes and in Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, and other countries.

Currently, SHINee is preparing for their upcoming comeback stages. Fans will be able to see SHINee onstage throughout this weekend starting with Mnet "M! Countdown" on March 22."

Even in Denmark!!!! omfg sdgfhsfjsgsjhfhs 

On another note, I need to find a streaming site for the 22nd.


  1. Oh, my, I hope you get better. =/
    We were all missing you. Seriously, everyone on my TList goes like "Hey, where's Mia? I miss Mia," once every few hours.
    I hoped you were just busy with lifey stuff, to be honest. Idek, that something came up or...
    Anyway, it's sad to hear that you're not well.

    I FULLY agree about the songs. I mean not liking Stranger and Alarm Clock. Just not my style to be honest and I, too, was kind of disappointed when I realized that both Clue and Note were a part of the mini-album.

    I have to say I prefer Clue over Note, though. Taemin's voice in it is just... EUIAYEFGAEFYLAEGFHJBKAJEGHFAGELFYIAEGFALEHKFKA

    Anyway, come back when you feel better. We miss our Jelly (or, well, I miss my Jelly, the others miss Mia).

    And I drew you a picture.
    About why you're Mulan.
    I assume you haven't been to twitter so you haven't seen it.
    Oh, well. ^^ Gonna send it to you anyway.

    I really hope you'll be spazzing with us tomorrow and the day after. =/

  2. I miss you, too, mah PB <333

    Oh, and I shall re-listen to Clue just because you said that!