Monday, 12 March 2012

#SHINeeIsBack - Jonghyun

120312 - Today was odd.

Jong's pictures actually came out before 9 am KST, but only 2 were released, and after a while there were rumblings about the pictures being leaked cos they weren't out on the official website so how did they surface to begin with??

So people bitched about the missing 3rd pic for 2 hours or so and then most moved on to the rest of their day/night. So in the end Jong's spazz session only lasted a like, a third of the other's.
I was just about to go to bed when voilá, the 3rd picture surfaced!

I cannot believe they shopped out his mole!! >.<

Great crop job, SM 

That hair.... 

So now twitter's in a frenzy trying to find out who's crotch the puppy is almost sniffing. I'm guessing Ho so far only cos he had white pants that seemed a little too short on. But is the leg too short to be Ho's...? But if not then....
We'll see.

So minutes after the 3rd picture came out Jong tweeted saying something about us fans calling the teasers too obscene/sexual and a picture of a cartoon shaking it's finger at you, saying "Listen carefully!! Perversion is in your heart." Jong, you're such a bitch lol I love you #troll He's such a twitter stalker.

120305 - Ha Sangbeg tweets from what turned out to be the Sherlock photo shoot set.

Some people say group teaser tomorrow. I want it to be a topless group shot, obviously, and not them sprawled out in that heap of ugly pillows and blankies in those ugly clothes.

And it was confirmed that Sherlock will be released through music sites like Melon and iTunes on March 19th, 2 days before the album's released, and will contain 7 songs.
I know, it's a lot for a mini album but..I'm still butthurt SM wouldn't give them a full album though.

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