Sunday, 11 March 2012

#SHINeeIsBack - Key

120311 - Did I call it or what?!? LOL

Hello, baby.

You gorgeous creature  

Seriously, if that piercing is real it's really oddly placed in my opinion.

What is it with Sherlock teasers and unfortunately placed blankets? But, oh dear god, this boy is so beautiful and I really wanna touch his hair and his skin looks so smooth and his eyes and those perfect lips and and and!

I'm so happy we got Kibum today cos even though I calculated wrong yesterday, and can stay up late even for the last teaser also, 4 days with bedtime around 5:30-6:30am is starting to take it's toll on me.
Of course I will endure for Jong especially, cos every one thinks he's gonna be butt naked in a tub with a hand full of bubbles covering his junk. I can't miss that to be honest.

I know this will probably get me bricked, but I had the hugest laugh riot after the release looking at the Sherlock tag on tumblr. Now, I don't have a tumblr, I hardly ever go on tumblr, I know nothing about how it works. Everyone else seem to love it despite the amount of bitching and moaning everyone does over it which kinda makes me stay away cos..don't really have time for immature drama. Got enough of that from me, thank you very much.

Anyway, turns out that there's a tag war going on at tumblr because SM decided to name the album "Sherlock" and so now SHINee fans have invaded the Sherlock tag and Sherlockians no, I'm not making that shit up is butthurt beyond belief and want Shawols to stop tagging SHINee comeback posts with #Sherlock. Or something. Like I said, I nothing about it.

But I "accidentally" clicked a link and oh my god, it was hilarious. Butthurt Sherlockians, smug Shawols, apologetic Shawols, trolls.. IT WAS GLORIOUS.

Agreeing that Kibum is pretty, I see what you did thar~
"Are the Sherlock fans mad? Why dont you imagine Sherlock naked then. you would totally understand our feelings" I doubt it tbh 

"I fear an all-out war is about to engage between the Shawols and the Sherlock fans. ._." Fear? Dude, it's just tumblr dun be scurred 

"Sherlock does not own the tag and anyone can tag their posts whatever the fuck they want and most importantly, the FANS do not own the tag stop being whiny little brats IT’S A FREE WORLD" 

"I have to say that I’m fucking loving this. The Sherlock tag is now full of the two things I love: Sherlock and Sherlock. Half naked Korean men… and a Caucasian man wrapped in a sheet" LMAP IRL 

"SHINee’s new mini album is called Sherlock so of course they would tag sherlock onto their posts what do you expect?" well durrh 

"tags are sacred places" /off tumblr tbh 

"That there is alot of Shinee on the sherlock tag. But I also found a random penis on there too" LOL WTH 

"Dear Sherlock Fandom. Sorry that kpop has taken over your tag...It will end...eventually. Once the hype for SHINee's new album/mv dies down. In the meantime...let the poor Shawols fangirl/boy. They've been waiting a while for this." SO TRUE ;~; 

"what someone posted in the sherlock tag,l it was too precious to let it pass by"

"Seriously though. I’m sorry to all the Sherlock fans but this is the calm sprinkles of rain before the hail storm. Even when just the teaser MV comes out will be nothing compared to what you will get on March 21st. And then for the rest of the year, on to 2013 and 2014. I mean you might as well get used to it." XDDDD

"Is this tag war supposed to PROMOTE your creepy kpop fandom?" CREEPY OMFG CREYSS 

"As a fan of both, I can honestly tell you, that both of you are as annoying as fuck." /TEARS 

"They all better fucking moan at some point on this album" LOL what does that have to do with Sherlock anything? XD 

"i can imagine all the sherlockians are like “so what asian is coming out today…"" dear lord I cant stop laughing 

"I’m sorry, but the Sherlock tag is just too fucking funny right now." all my feels 

LOL yeah, totally excessive but look if I care, twas funny.

I realize this can come across as insulting towards Sherlockians, and possibly even Shawols (I dunno, someone is always capable of making a mountain out of a molehill), but it's really just me not being able to grasp how a tumblr tag can get people's panties in a bunch like this. I mean, come on. Dudes..
I really wanna understand I just..don't.

So now all that's left is to wait for Jong tomorrow, and then come the MV teasers~!! adgfhfsjkdfhjksdggsdgfadghkjahsjdgakdfhdkfj

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