Thursday, 22 March 2012

#SHINeeIsBack - Sherlock MV ♥ M! Countdown Comeback Stage

120322 - Up, but barely awake, I was still fully ready when the MV was suddenly released at around 5pm KST.


This MV has me so conflicted idek.. Obviously I'm going nuts cos it's a BRAND NEW SHINee MV!!!! agdfaghdfaghdfadh Not since goddamn October 4th, 2010! >____<

And I'm sure I'll warm up to the outfit/concept/whatever you call it in time - cos right now it just makes me burst out laughing! Native-American Tae in his apron - although tophat!Tae is hot! 8D - and Milady in his peeenk shawl or star-spangled surfer shorts XDDD

But...that choreo. What the O____O I thought this Testa guy was gonna deliver...
It does have a few nice moves, I like the one Tae and Key did in Tae's teaser cam, and the group-fan-out and group-wave (official choreo terms btw) but, seriously, for the most part it's either lulzy or making me facepalm.
What's with all the leg spreading and weird poses (like the one in the video thumbnail) and leapfrogging and knee-high-laid-back-running move?? orzzzz Maybe it'll grow on me like the outfits.
But I want Jaewon or Rino back for the next MV :/

#SherlockMV trended 1st worldwide for an entire hour from release until it was time for M! Countdown Comeback Stage!

And even though SHINee's stage was last Shawols kept the trend on top for the entire show 

Mnet Wide before M!Countdown

Mnet Countdown, Sherlock 1st Comeback Stage

Backstage with comedian Haha
I sobbed from the second Tony, Joon and Mir said the word "SHINee" ;~;
As mentioned Stranger's not exactly my fave song, but damn, put some crazy outfits, some actual live singing and a great choreo to it and suddenly I'm loving it, go figure..

Unfortunately Sherlock wasn't live, like Stranger, but it's a strenuous choreo, and I'm assuming they might have thought it best to make the 1st comeback stage a success. I'm sure there will be live versions later on, maybe even tomorrow when they go on Sukira! /crosses fingers

Bottom right pic is from rehearsal

LOVE their hair, and Tae + beanie is    

Hairrrr *u*

That smile ;~~~; 
That profile is one of the most beautiful things ever ♥♥♥

LOL No idea what Jong's doing xD 

I can't wait for Music Bank tomorrow!!! 

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