Saturday, 10 March 2012

#SHINeeIsBack - Onew

120310 - By now it was sorta anticipated that SM would release a new teaser at my 1am so everyone gathered at twitter at around 00:30 and onwards and then we waited. And waited. And waited some more.
1am came and went and the lions (or lionesses as it were) were getting seriously pressed. I have to say I was a little more meh because Tae had already been out so..

At first there were jokes about maybe SM didn't work on weekends, but then someone tweeted that on weekends SM usually uploaded teasers at 10am KST instead of the usual 9am. Way to troll, SM, way to fucking troll.

But then suddenly at 1:35 THERE WAS ONEW

My reaction was not as hysterical as with Minho, but oh, man..

But I have to say this. I am so glad he's still with SHINee and not going solo. Even if no one ever knows what the hell has been going on for the past months I'm just glad to see him looking happy and healthy even if he does look a little thin (no Taemin though).

His pictures though. What in the actual. I mean, how Minho and Taemin these come-hither-grape-eating-water-drinking-topless porn druggie looking styles and then here comes dreamy Jinki, all snug as a bug in his rug blankie??
By now I'm pretty sure the Sherlock name is referring to the mystery that is this freaky concept.

So far the order has been the same as with the Rushipur teasers so in that logic Jong should be up tomorrow and then Kibum last, but I really REALLY want Kibum tomorrow because I have to get up early Tuesday so staying up 'til 5-6 in the morning, spazzing is just not an option and I know I'll want to with Kibum ;~;

We'll see.

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