Saturday, 18 June 2011

SMTown Paris picture explanation...

Here's the deal. We had bought two new cameras supposedly perfect for this kind of photography and videos. Turns out, not so much!

The zoom was fairly slow and as mentioned before the auto focus was just ridiculous. It was pissing us off! I mean, seriously pull-out-my-hair/yell-at-the-sky PISSED! Often it would just not even try to focus. WTH?!
Or when they were far away it would focus on the hands right in front of us, but then when the artists moved closer the cameras would focus on the big screen instead. SIGH. Plus if they moved the slightest - which they obviously did! - it was more or less a lucky punch if the picture turned out in focus.
And the amount of times people waved their hands or signs or fans or light sticks in front of me when I actually had a clear shot? #¤%&/%¤!!! >.<
So unfortunately there's a lot of out of focus shots. OML I know, but feel free to point out how amazing it would've been if only that picture wasn't blurry anyway ;) The amount of "If only..." makes me cringe >.<
I've chosen to upload almost the lot though because these have sentimental value, blurry as hell or not. It'll probably be like watching paint dry for you all, but that's my blog for you :D

Please feel free to scroll past, and please feel free to take out whatever you like. If you'd like the pictures in huge full size just tell me and I'll send you the download link. BUT PLEASE DO NOT CROP, EDIT, OR RE-UPLOAD ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION AND DO NOT REMOVE MY WATERMARK. THANKS^^
If you want to re-upload send me a message and we'll talk about it :) I'm not necessarily a hard-ass, I just want to know where my stuff goes.
Also, please do not hot-link...I think? Not really sure if it makes a difference here (because I'm not entirely sure what "hot-linking" means >.<) so just to be safe, right? :)

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