Saturday, 18 June 2011

110609 SMTown Paris sound check, part 3

feel free to share if you find the pictures good enough for that, but DO NOT crop my watermark, DO NOT edit, and please re-up in full size. please credit.

other than that I hope you enjoy 

The rest of Super Junior arriving

Easy to spot Eunhyuk in his red jacket :)

Kyuhyun maybe slightly under the weather? I saw him (or was it Donghae?) blowing his nose during the concert

Don't know why Donghae and Siwon came separate...

Does anybody know why there were only 10 SuJu boys?

We never saw DBSK coming or going. Don't know why they didn't rehearse... But that was everyone arriving.

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  1. Haha maybe a little too late for this, but there are currently only 10 members of suju being active since around 2009/2010. Kangin enlisted, kibum is focusing on acting and Hankyung left the group. And why Henry and Zhoumi weren't there, I don't know :) From 10 they went to 9 members just a 1-2 months ago due to Heechul's enlistment, and then from 9 to 8 members next year as Eeteuk is going to enlist :) Kangin will be released next year though so hopefully they'll bump up to 9 again. :) Sorry for the long answer to your question haha XD