Saturday, 18 June 2011

110610 SMTown Paris, part 1

feel free to share if you find the pictures good enough for that, but DO NOT crop my watermark, DO NOT edit, and please re-up in full size. please credit.

other than that I hope you enjoy 

Yes! Finally the day had arrived. Who cares about rain when you're waiting to see SHINee?! Not me that's for sure.

There's a lot of out of focus shot that will probably just annoy you, but I care about them so they're in :b

The goodie stand. I hope SM does good with all my cash, like give them to SHINee :D

Uhm, yeah. I swear my boobs doesn't point that much to the sides in real life!! Wth?! It looks so weird..O.O
And yes, the SHINee print is crooked and waaaay too low, but we had the shirts done the day before so no time to be picky :)

The view for most of the time

Finally inside!

The glow stick head bands from 최영리 :D Supposed to be SHINee but I think it looks more SuJu? And Mads opted to put one of the red glow sticks on his because I told him it was SNSD. We're such fails :D Owl, you live and learn, right? (It's DBSK, right??? Minnie??)

LOL Sunny's face on the t-shirt!

They were very fond of these little fluff pieces in between sets, where the artists blabbed on in sign language about how much they love all of us and that we and SMTown will always be as one...or something. I don't speak French or sign - and I don't do fluff! - so I stopped paying attention and just looked out for Taemin :P

pex opened up the show with Lachata

It looks like they're running with all the blur

Krystal and Jessica doing Tik Tok by Ke$ha. A little weird with all that English to be honest! :)

So cute!

Stand By Me, lalalalalaaaa~~ :D

Btw tell me if you agree or not, but does Onew look very yellow in the face?? - no Asian puns necessary :P Not just/necessarily in this shot, but his face compared to his neck looked almost jaundice at times. The make-up noona must've packed the wrong tone of BB cream..

Btw I'm not Onew biased in any way, but he was the one who stood the most still so he was easiest to photograph! So a surprisingly amount of Dubu shots.

This might be big screen but HOMG.

SHINee doing their "Nous sommes..." bit :)

HELL YEAH I'm totally pretending he was looking straight at MOI! asdfghklkjfhs!!!!

Ngaaaw so cute! My baby speaking French 

OMG I wanna pinch that cheek >.<

DEEEERP!!! LMAO Reminds me of that "Ugh, little people" macro! :D

Key  My diva looking so good in all his bling. I screamed my head off for this guy even if others thought he didn't get proper props.

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