Tuesday, 5 August 2014

140726-28 Berlin for 방탄소년단 "RWeL8?" fanmeet

as usual, this is a personal travel account, not an ordinary whatever that means fanaccount, so if you just wanna read about RWeL8?, there's gonna be irrelevant stuff, but feel free to scroll down to around the pictures of the gift boxes.

because this was Berlin we wanted to have as much time there as possible, so after a few hours of sleep we got up at an ungodly 3:30am.
we didn't really expect many people at the airport at 5:45, but much to our surprise this was the most crowded we've ever seen it?! thankfully the security check was really efficient cos there were literally hundreds of people in front of us, but it only took about 10 mins to get through.

we boarded on time only to be told that due to heavy fog in Berlin, Tegel's capacity had been reduced so we'd have to wait about 45 minutes. in our tiny seats.
hubs didn't even hear the announcement cos he was already asleep so I fidgeted through the wait and the ride itself all by my lonesome - a sign that even though I still absolutely hate flying it has gotten better with experience.

the bus ride from the airport was weird. the guy drove like he was 5 hours behind schedule, except for the 2 times he just randomly pulled over, turn off the ignition, waited 20 seconds, turned it on again, revved it like crazy, and then just continued the drive. without announcing anything. um okay.

the hotel was easy to find, and the woman let us put our suitcase in the office cos it was too early to check in. she asked us if we wanted another room that was already ready, but we declined cos we wanted to keep our room next to Miranda.

Berlin was so damn hot, like 30+C, but of course we weren't gonna let that stop us, so we headed out.
at first we went by Neuer Welt to check it out, and there were already a handful of girls waiting!
I just stood and stared at the place with a goofy grin plastered all over my face, and hubs had to literally drag me away.

then we went to Alexander Platz. there was a fair, and we bought pumpkin seeds bretzles and freshly squeezed orange juice and watched people get dropped from the top of the Park Inn Radisson.
then we just strolled the streets towards Hauptbahnhof. in the end the only things we bought was neon nail polish from American Apparel and lots of cold beverages!

then we went back to Tegel to pick up Miranda who arrived at 1:45 - or rather was supposed to! cos she was delayed, too, and in the end she didn't get in until 3:30, I think?

but we had a happy reunion, and then hurried back to the hotel with her stuff, and out to find a city tour bus stop.
hubs and Miranda had a döner, but I was too hot to eat.

after that we found a bus stop, but after a long chat with the guy, it turned out it was his last round so if we got on it would only be half a tour.
we still agreed cos there wouldn't be time to do it otherwise, and half a trip was still better than no trip at all.
we hadn't done the bus tour in Berlin for years, so it was fun for us, too. plus top deck of an open bus equals bearable temperatures, at least when the bus was moving!

after the trip ended by KaDeWe we took the metro back to Kreutzberg, but unfortunately we got the direction wrong when we came up from the station and ended up walking like 20 mins in the wrong direction of where the restaurant we were looking for were located. we found it eventually.

마당. this place came with the best recommendations and comments for Korean restaurants in Berlin, so my expectations were high-ish.
Miranda settled on the 비빔밥 while hubs were kind enough to agree to 삼겹살 cos it was only served for min. 2 people. we also ordered 고기 만두 and 해물파전 to share as starters.

it came with a handful of 반찬 (oh jesus the little beans), and although it was by no means a bad meal- bad Korean meal, it felt..lacking somehow?
Miranda asked me after how I would rate it, and I told her that outside of Korea this was decent Korean noms and I can sorta see why it would get many recs, but compared to actual Korean, it was meh..
now that place in Hamburg.. /dreamy sigh

anyway, blah blah food (see, you know it wasn't really doing it for me when I skip this lightly over food), and then back to the hotel.
we all showered cos GROSS AND SWEATY and then met up in Miranda's room.
by the way, it turned out the hotel only had 6 regular rooms, so the woman said she had chuckled at us earlier, cos even if we had changed rooms, we would still be next to Miranda.

hubs brought his lappy and watched Scottish Battlefield game play videos, laughing to himself.

Miranda and I got to finishing up her gifts! I was so happy she didn't wrap her stuff at home so I could see it all (if you're interested there are pic links in her fanaccount here. that lucky duck, Hoseok just wore the tank top she gave him)!
while she finished the last writing, I read her postcards for the boys. it was quite interesting how we'd said so many of the same things even if she put it on postcards whereas I needed page after page LOL
then she picked between the paper and ribbon I had brought (yes, I actually brought a roll of wrapping paper as my hand luggage), and I wrapped everything neatly while she read the English version of my letters that I had brought in my notebook.

hubs fell asleep sometime during all of this, but we stayed up talking and squealing and watching videos until..3am? I can't even remember, but it was late.

the next morning Miranda heard from an acquaintance that there was a queuing list, and since we were close by with no plans, we stopped by to see if there were anymore numbers left.
we were there at 10:45-ish, and there was already a lot of people waiting, but THANK SHISUS we did manage to get numbers so this meant that we could just wait to queue and we'd only have to spend a minimum amount of time just standing in the blazing heat \o/
the list girl said that there would be a check up at noon, and that they would announce the next check up at that time, so since we only had about an hour we just went to the McD by the station. it was just a few mins away and they had aircon!!
so for the first time I had McD breakfast! I've always been curious cos I think the breakfast items sounds better than regular stuff which I find gross, but I've only ever seen 1 McD in my country where they even serve breakfast and it wasn't near me so.
it didn't disappoint and if I could get breakfast items all day I might actually consider setting foot in McD again.

aaaaanyways, at noon we reluctantly left the aircon and went to get our numbers checked.
the next check would be at 4 so after a quick deliberation we went to take a little river cruise while we waited.
on one hand it was nice to have something to do, but at the same time my mind was one big flashing neon sign that said BANGTAN and I couldn't really focus on anything else.
Miranda and me also talked about how it was so strange that here we were, cruising along, and in a few hours there would be Bangtan. it was like two completely different worlds and usually on concert day, that is all that's on the agenda, not playing tourists.

we were back at 3 so we once again went to McD to hang out and went back to the queue at 4.
much to our omg-now-what they said that next check would be at 5 and then at 6.
this put a serious dent in our plan cos we wanted to go back to the room and shower and change and pick up the gifts, but no way could we make all that in an hour.
to make matters worse they were delayed checking us, so we didn't get to leave until around 4:25.

but we rushed back - and by rushed I mean walked at fast as we could without passing out from the heat.
which reminds me of that girl who kept pretty much passing out and even had the paramedics called on her, but for some inexplicable reason she still refused to leave and got dragged back, literally, to the queue by her friends or whoever. anyway, sidenote, but her stupidity just irked me. if you're not able to register people talking to you and can't even stand upright by yourself, you shouldn't be in a pit.

me and hubs showered in record time, got all my gifts packed, and put on our Bangtan tees. about 3.6 seconds later I took mine off again cos I was getting drenched in sweat, and as much as I wanted to wear it, it just wasn't happening.
I just put on a strappy top instead, that just happened to be yellow...

fortunately, what did work was my new concert platform sandals \o/ bought purely with the purpose of becoming taller in concert crowds so they're not the most pretty ones, but they were relatively cheap, they're flat, not wedges, and they give me an extra 10 cm at least!

we made it back in line in time, and then it was just a matter of waiting.
behind us, the 50 year old dad from Poland got interviewed for Yonhap News, and the woman said that the picture of him and her daughter would be put in the interview she was gonna do with Bangtan before the fanmeet :D
a girl, who just happened to be Danish, a couple of people ahead of us also got her picture taken and stuff.

besides it being so so hot, it wasn't that bad of a wait. obviously cos we didn't wait very long, but there were lots of people to be watched. I have no idea why, but with all the concerts I've been to by now, this is the first time I've seen so many people dress up in either Bangtan tees or full on Bangtan style outfits, several people even cosplaying members.
it was actually quite impressive and amusing. there was a girl who dressed as Jimin, and her outfit was totally on point, but she had the skinniest arms which just made the whole thing flop somehow.

and omf there was this other person who cosplayed Jeongkook and everything was sooo on point is was creeping me out cos feeLS??? SERIOUSLY. face type, body type, the hair.
the things that's still driving me crazy though, is no matter how many times we crossed paths, me and Miranda still couldn't figure out if it was a girl or a boy?!? seriously????? it was so puzzling.

at one point hubs had to go back to McD to pee, and after a good while there was this squealing from up at the start of the line and it sorta kept moving down towards us for a bit before it died out.
then hubs came back, and it turns out it was him they were squealing over LOL
or rather him and his tee cos this one girl went "Rapmon woohooo~" when he walked past, and suddenly lost of people cheered for him and Rapmon as he walked by I WAS DYING WHEN HE TOLD ME. they probably thought he was really gay XD

a little after 6, I think?, the line finally started moving, and at 6:40 we were almost in.
a girl from Kpop Non-stop walked down the line and handed out high touch wrist bands for those who had tickets for that. we didn't, but I told her if she had any extra... she didn't, and by the look on her face, I wasn't the first one who made a bad joke like that, but hey, I had to ask.
another girl came by and put a mark on people's tickets, and once we got to the door the guy just glanced to see if we had that mark before letting us through. aka anyone could've just gotten a print and got in.
as soon as we got through the door, these girls handed us little numbered tickets, and when I asked she just said we could win something so hold on to it.

I was holding my breath during security check, but fortunately the bubble wrap I had put around the little boxes covered the cameras so we got them in, no problem.

and just inside were the gift boxes lined up and holy shit, the difference in what was left in their individual boxes were striking.
most of them had roughly about the same amount, but Taehyung's were already so completely stuffed and literally overflowing, and it was practically impossible to add anything on top of the pile without it rolling off into the boxes next to his.
Miranda was faster through than us and she had put her things in the pile, but Taehyung's kept sliding off so after I carefully dug a hole below the edge of his box to stuff my gift in, I tugged hers underneath, too. (I know she wrote it differently in her fa, but either someone pushed hers back to the surface by the time I got to the boxes, or one of us remembers wrong LOL)

these pictures are from after the fanmeet, but you get the idea
L-R: Jeongkook, Taehyung, Seokjin, Jimin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, and group box all the way up in the corner

that's my bubble wrap ^^

Jeongkook's box were only about 2/3 full, but I chose to look on the bright side of that cos if his box had been up to the edge already, I wouldn't have been able to safely put my huge gift box in there. but this way there was room enough for it to go entirely in the box. I was also thinking that upside to fewer things was that my gift would stand out more, if nothing else then due to the size.
I got the other boys' letters tugged in their boxes, too, and then we rushed upstairs.

if you'd like to see what I brought for the boys, I made a post about it here.

the place had looked really big in most pictures, but it seemed more like a big gym hall. definitely not big, and it was easy to see that we would be able to get closer to the stage for this than anything we've been to before.

the door was on the right side of the stage and that side had a lot more people already, so of course Miranda had gone left, and after the whole shuffling-around-trying-to-find-the-perfect-spot thing was over we had spots a little off the center to the left. Miranda was a few rows ahead, but also a few rows further to the side.

by the way, pet peeve: when you've only left breathing space between you and the person in front of you, and there is no one behind you, and some people still feel the need to rub themselves in front of you, sticking the top of their messy ponytail in your face. don't do that.

speaking of no one behind us, I was kinda counting on it being like for everything else we've been to, that before things started, there would be lots of people behind me, too, to nicely cover up when I wanted to take pictures and video. but apparently that turned out to be the downside to the sandals cos while I could see everything freely in front of me, no one felt like standing behind two people at 185cm tall orz

I didn't find out about that until later cos I was too busy focusing on my immediate problem: the annoying as fuck ponytail and two girls two people in front of me who had signs that they liked to wave around.
not that I was worried about not being able to see, I've paid good money for my tickets I'm not afraid to ask people to put their shit down so I can see, hell, I nearly popped a girl's balloon at SMTown cos she kept putting it in my face. don't do that. it's just a hassle orz

when I look at the time we must have waited for about an hour, but it didn't feel long at all.
people passed the time chanting and randomly squealing at TV cameras, and if they had played Bangtan songs I'm sure there would've been singing going on, but for some reason they played..irrelevant music?? I've never been to a concert where they didn't play the artists' music as warm up, but I guess this was an evening of many firsts.

it was supposed to start at 19, and a little past people began chanting "you are late!". I just kept my mouth shut cos I thought it was a little too obvious a pun, and besides I didn't really care. I knew they were coming and I would have waited all night so not too fussed over a few mins.

and then the lights went down and the screams went up, and here comes Namjoon walking out followed by the rest.
they were wearing black shirts with white print/knee socks/leggins/shorts, and Jeongkook was wearing a white long sleeve under his tee, you know, sorta like this but not exactly.
it felt like a dream come true and I can't remember if I screamed or just stared, and the moment Namjoon's voice came out over the speakers my heart just melted away.

I tried to be really sneaky, but it had barely been a minute before one of the staff tugged repeatedly at my arm and waved her finger at me and yelled "no photos!".
I waited a little while, but even though I barely lifted the camera above shoulder level it wasn't long before another girl tapped me on the shoulder. this one was less forgiving and told me to delete everything while she watched.

I couldn't help but giggle cos as we went through it it was literally a bunch of shit pictures with no real images cos everything was so blurry and shaky. except one that of course turned out to be a perfect clear full body shot of Jeongkook.
I kicked myself cos just my luck, but at the same time I wasn't angry or anything, it's not like I don't know I broke the rules so hey, what are you gonna do? I think I was just happy she didn't throw me out cos I heard them warn others around me (cos like 80% of people were taking pictures with their phones duh) that if they got caught again they would be taken outside.

this is the best of the handful of pictures that I got and it's still pretty horrible orz but it's Kookie at least..

they started out with No More Dream, and what I was kinda pissed about though is that the second staff person came to me RIGHT AT THAT POINT IN NMD, YOU KNOW, THAT ONE, so I did kinda ignore her at first cos hell if I was gonna miss out on seeing that body with my own eyes.
fuck me hard maybe it would have been better to miss it, though, cos I couldn't stop looking at him the entire night goddammit. it was every bit as delicious as I dreamed it would be.
after, me and Miranda talked about how knowing that pictures and videos weren't gonna happen sorta made us more focused and intent on really taking everything in and enjoying the moment, and even though my memory about everything is already complete shit, one of the clear images in my mind are of those abs, go figure...

they went straight to We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2 and I almost peed!! 이름은 정국!!!! AND THE CHOREO!!! AND ThE H AT TrIC K I JUST- I HAVE A LOT OF FEELS ABOUT THIS SONG OKAY. 이름은 정국!!!!!! !!!! !!11!!!
he might not be rap line (yet) but Jeongkook was amazing. when the song started I was all "kjsdhlsh woohoo!!!", but somewhere in the middle, with my eyes glued to him, it just suddenly hit me. he. was. right. there. right. there.
and I just couldn't not cry and I must've had some sort of black out cos I remember both Hoseok and J-Jimi..n (I have called him nothing but yellow card since the Festa radio video THIS IS PAINFUL) and Jeongkook's parts of the hat dance, but I didn't even know Jeongkook dropped the first hat until hubs casually mentioned it four days later. how could I have missed that?! HOW?? I just-...

so yeah, I think it's safe to say that this post is how I experienced the evening and not necessarily everything that went down lol

speaking of, my notes say they had a little ment after WAB, which would make sense cos hi hello introductions and stuff, but right now I seriously can't remember.
I do remember Hoseok saying in English - and getting it right after a few tries, bless his heart - that he would sing and dance his heart out so we could get our money's worth. it might have been the next break, but regardless, my heart just melted cos oh my god ㅠㅠ

Namjoon said that they had started out with, what everyone of course knew, their debut song NMD followed by WAB so what would come next? everyone screamed "NOOOOOOO" cos, well, duh.
I love the choreo for NO, too. I'd try and explain which part specifically but I don't think that would go well, but like, the arm thing when they say no, stuff like that's really hot?? I dunno man..

after, Namjoon asked if they were still late, and everyone was like, lol yes, and he said okay but let's show you how hard we worked to prepare for this.

then they went off stage and there was a vcr showing their preparations. it was narrated by Namjoon in English, and first he went to check on Jimin and Seokjin who were practicing English. once Namjoon told them there would be a translator they quickly threw away their books, though lol
next up was Jeongkook and Taehyung who were hunched over a laptop, busy studying about Germany for something that they wouldn't let Namjoon in on.
then he moved on to Yoongi and Hoseok who were practicing their freestyle rap skills. they didn't show any rap, but instead they tried to shoo Namjoon off with some weird crazy dance all up in his face lol

the vcr ended and out came an MC. I dunno, I was a little puzzled for a second cos why, but then I remembered this was a fanmeet, and not a concert.
he introduced himself, and just said a few things about the vcr and how hard the boys had worked to prepare for this.

and then they came out again, in the red cardis!!!! they all looked so good, and I thought it was nice that they could wear it however they wanted, like, Namjoon was fully buttoned, while I think a couple had a couple buttoned at the bottom, and the rest just had them completely open. it hung so loose on Taehyung, it looked oversized almost or like he was really skinny somehow..?

they also had a translator that came out with them as sort of a co-MC more than the sort of translator who scurries around behind them and tries to whisper everything to them. the MC spoke English, and she translated for those who didn't understand - which was pretty much everyone but Namjoon, let's be real LOL
he talked in Korean a lot during this, obviously not cos he didn't understand, but I think maybe so that they all could be more on the same level..or something like that. and so that the members could understand what he said, too.

the MC asked them since they have such a grueling schedule, if they weren't tired, and Taehyung was all "no, best condition!" with his huge smile on his face. THE PIE I JUST WANTED TO SQUISH HIM FOREVER.
he asked them about their time in Germany, and Jimin went into some story about the TV tower and how it looked really close so he tried to go there, but then he got lost or something, and he was so animated about his story I just- shfjkhskfshf!!
Seokjin talked about his newfound amazement for the sausages of Germany, and I dunno, did he say he wanted to try them all? or am I imagining things lol cos I remember imagining him stuffing his suitcase with packs of meat.
he also talked about beer, and Jimin jumped out (as he does) and were all "WHOA I'M 20" *EXCITED FACE* and made this drinking motion as if to say "yay I can go drinking beer cos I'm 20!", and I couldn't help but laugh cos apparently they skipped the part in their Germany studies that could have told them that you can drink beer in Germany when you're 16 so hell, even Jeongkook could go LOL
anyway, it was really sweet, when that moment was over and he stepped back to his spot in line, Namjoon gave him a little pat on the back, like "you did good", and I just melted again cos baby boyyyy ;A; and leader Kim ㅠㅠ
Namjoon talked about how Germany have had/has so many great composer/musicians, and said that he had definitely gotten inspiration for future stuff of his own, and I remember thinking "how do you merge Kim Namjoon with say, Bach?". I guess we'll see, but if anyone could do it..

then it was time for the first play segment: a QnA with questions from the audience.
in rolled a big board totally covered in post-its with questions. they all gathered around and I think it was Yoongi who chuckled a bit and said that some of them were in German so.

then they took turns picking a question.

Taehyung's post-it was in English, I think, and said to do a sexy dance.
he looked way too happy, said "music cue!", walked to the front of the stage where he threw the cardi off his shoulders and started shaking his ass and doing body rolls and biting his lip and making the sex faces, and I thought I was gonna bite straight through my hand at this point coS N O.

Yoongi's post-it was also in English and said "how are you so handsome? what did you eat?".
he giggled and moved a little closer towards the audience before he said "mmmh maybe your love??" and then did that- that-Yoongi-aegyo-smiley face, YOU KNOW THE ONE AND I WAS ABOUT TO THROW MY CAMERA AT HIM COS OMFG MIN YOONGI HOW ARE YOU EVEN.
I even wrote "barf" in my notes, I'm so done with this boy, oh my gOD. you think yellow card's the disgusting one, but enter Min Yoongi.

Seokjin's post-it was in Korean and said something about aegyo, and he got up front and paused for about 0.2 seconds before he did..I dunno, I can't even remember if it was bunny ears or those bbuing bbuing fists by his cheeks?
but aegyo-something, and people squealed, and for a second I thought Messy Ponytail's friend was gonna pass out cos she did nothing but scream "Jin! Jin! Jin! Jin! Jin!" at, like, 7 mio db all night and this could have put her out like a light.

Jeongkook's post-it was in English and said "do you like noonas?".
he repeated it like he didn't quite understand it (bless him and his 2 words English vocabulary) and leader Kim helped the baby out and said "yeah, do you like noonas?". obviously in writing it looks the same, but he said it differently than Jeongkook had read it out loud, and that seem to make things click for the puzzled guy.
obviously everyone knew what was coming, but as his face lit up in this huge smile as he loudly proclaimed "I loooove noonas!", of course people still screamed their heads off.
I just smiled and drowned in his smile, but that's about it. had he been Seokjin's age he might have mentioned liking younger girls, but younger to him is like pre-school which would just have been weird so he doesn't really have that many options. or, well, he does, but still, no one thinks he would have said no on stage, so.

Namjoon's post-it said to imitate Jimin's singing/high notes.
he laughed and mumbled something about "you know I'm not a singer, right?" and I thought pffffh!
he did this silly version of a bit of Jimin's NMD and Jimin laughed and pushed him and was all "I don't sound like that?! when did I sound like that?!", it was so cute!!
and then Hoseok did like, a dirty-sounding version of the "laa la la laa laaa" and pretended to reach for Namjoon's shirt so he could show off his abs like Jimin, but unfortunately he didn't do it.

Jimin's post-it was in English and asked him to do the selfie dance.
for a moment he looked all shy-smiley, but then came "music cue!" and he was being Jimin. Taehyung joined him, and then had a little solo dance, and then they went down the line. Seokjin was his awkward self until one of the others told him to do this arm-wave thing (that's hard to explain in writing lol), and he did it quite well.
then came Jeongkook and I dunno if it's cos people expected him to do something squeal-worthy, but instead he did this..weird..bouncing thing up and down the stage and then went back to his place in the line chuckling and saying "I'm sorry" LOL BABY WHY.

obviously (to me), this wasn't really random post-it picks, even if Jeongkook did seemed legit confused, but it would have been a little too amazing if Jimin had randomly picked the selfie question, and then the audio tech person out back would have been able to find and play it within a couple of seconds.

so there was an explanation to Hoseok being the only one that didn't dance to the selfie song cos his post-it was up next, and it said, in Korean, to dance.
of course he was ready the second he finished reading the question, music cue, but surprisingly his music was Baby Elephant Walk so it was more cute than sexy and/or girl group-ish and there was no push-push dance.

then came the next segment: a freestyle rap battle.
the MC talked about how they were a hip hop group with great freestyle rappers, so for this challenge they would be freestyling to a beat made with 3 ipads.
at first the members tried out the ipads and quickly made a nice beat.
then they drew 3 numbers among the tickets we had been given when we came, and their pronunciation was funny and confusing, and everyone kinda held their breath until Namjoon had double checked it and said it out loud lol
Taehyung said a number that sounded almost like hubs', but when Namjoon repeated it it was something completely different xD

but they managed to find 3 winners. unfortunately one of them took a little longer to get out of her place in the crowd, so they thought the number was moot and drew a 4th number, so there was an awkward moment when 4 girls suddenly came on stage to share 3 ipads.
one of them was the girl who had given us numbers in the queue, and for some reason it made me really happy to see her up there. a nice reward for all the work she had done, I thought.

and then came the awkward cos while queue girl was pretty good, the others........................ I'm only judging a little bit cos I know I would have been shitting myself and probably not even remembering my own name, let alone how to hold a beat if it had been me up there, but they just could not do anything??
it was such a simple beat, and they each had a member helping them out, and Namjoon was explaining and even demonstrating several times. they even got the beat from NMD as background help, but it just wasn't happening, and poor leader Kim was getting soooo frustrated omfg.

anyway, when they sorta sussed that it wasn't gonna get better than horrible Namjoon made Yoongi go first, and he was like "um how....", but in true Yoongi fashion he still turned out an amazing rap.
then it was Namjoon, and he made a rap in English about Korean halmeonis and German harmonies?? or something??? lol
when it was Hoseok's turn the other members got the girls to sabotage the beat even more and just hit the ipads as much and fast as they could, and he was like, lolwtf but still did his bit.

then that bit was finally over, and each of the girls got a little something for participating. they didn't say what it was, and it was too small to be obvious from our spot.

after the girls left the stage, Yoongi said something about how they did, and the woman translated it to something about them being the best??
but then Namjoon laughed to himself and said, "well, actually that's not what he said.." AND I LAUGHED SO HARD who needs a translator when you have Kim Namjoon XD he wasn't condescending about it, and I love that he wasn't shy about setting things straight.
he also said, half mumbling to himself - in that hesitant way you use when..you're not really sure..how to..say things without coming off as..impolite, but..you still wanna..say...some..thing.... - something about that if they were the best it must be on another planet? or they must've been from another planet?? I can't remember exactly, but clearly something about, if they were good it wasn't in this world.
I dunno, it may sound harsh or rude, but it really didn't come off as such, and it obviously wasn't meant as such from his end, they clearly just sucked at keeping a beat, and that's all he didn't wanna sugar-coat.

the next segment: a Germany quiz.
the MC said that he was sure they had studied a lot before coming here so now it was time to put that to the test. 10 questions, and the winner would get a nice prize. of course all of them were all confident about winning.
Taehyung were all "me! me!" with a big grin on his face, so cute! he did have a lot of chances to reply, and he got sooo much help from the crowd, they were shouting his name as the one to choose for a chance to answer no matter if he raised his hand the fastest or not. SO BIASED SMH.

I did forget one of the questions but anyways.
1: how many horses are seen pulling the chariot on top of the Brandenburger Tor?
it was so funny because the MC read the questions in English, and they were written in English on the big screen, so pretty much the only word they understood were horse and they all laughed and pointed at Hoseok, and Taehyung went "your friend!" IT WAS SO FUCKING CUTE I WAS DYING.
every German person in the crowd at least held up 4 fingers, and in the end Taehyung got picked to answer and of course got it right.

the order is muddled on the next two questions.
- what's Germany's national beverage?
Seokjin got to answer beer.

- what's Germany's highest building?
as usual people screamed "V!" and he got picked, and he answered "육삼!" (I can't remember if he said 육삼 or 육삼 빌딩) and I couldn't help but laugh, but I think because he said it in Korean it went over 95% of the crowd's heads.
then Jimin got a chance to answer and he got it right (of course) by saying the TV tower.

5: what are the colours of the German flag?
Yoongi was really fast and raised his hand in his "Min Suga!" way IT WAS SO CUTE!!! he got picked and instead of just saying all three right after each other he drew out the suspense and let the crowd squeal after each colour he got right.
by the way, thank you, Yoongi, for teaching me that the German flag is not yellow, but gold. who knew, since it's, well, yellow. but okay fine, let's be fancy on paper.

6: what's the currency in Germany?
this was clearly the question Jeongkook was supposed to answer cos he immediately raised his hand, and when all the others did too and all tried to gain the MC's attention to get picked, he went "Jeongkoooook~ Jeongkoooooooooook~" into his mic HKJHAKSFJL SO FUCKING CUTE UGH.
of course he did get picked, and got Euro right.

7: name one of the famous race tracks in Germany?
95line quickly raised their hands, and Jimin got to answer but he seemed almost surprised he was picked, and went "uhhh Alexander Square?!" lol
then came Taehyung who eagerly replied "F2!" AND ONCE AGAIN THIS POOR GUY. there were some laughs here and there, and hubs laughed, but for the most part it seemed more like ". . . . . .". I dunno why people didn't laugh more he was really funny to me, but he seemed a little too advanced for the general public at times lol
anyway, obviously those two dorks got it wrong, and in the end somehow Seokjin managed to catch "Nürburg Ring" from the audience and pass it on in a maner the MC understood so he got the point.

8: what's so special about the German Autobahn?
before even getting picked Namjoon was like, pffh too easy, and said it doesn't have a speed limit, which is right, AND THE DORKS ALL STARTED MAKING WROOM NOISES LIKE- WHAT ARE YOU EVEN KIDS PLEASE. they were so cute I wanted to stab myself.

9: where does the largest carnival take place?
Hoseok immediately went "J-Hope! J-Hope! J-Hope! J-Hope! J-Hope! J-Hope! J-Hope!" until he got picked, AND HE ANSWERED "KÖLN". I dunno why but it makes me kjshfjhdfkdjhfg that he answered it in German and not English??!??! nevermind.
he was so cute cos after he answered, but before the MC confirmed, he went "아닌가???" WHICH I THOUGHT WAS SO CUTE!! but yes, it was right and he got his point.

at this point they summed up the score, and Seokjin and Taehyung both had 2 correct? which means Taehyung must have answered the question I can't remember..

10: what's the Berlin area code?
in the end the turn went to Seokjin, and after lots of audience shouting, he said "jero, three, jero", and with that a winner was found.

since I couldn't record proper videos, I made audios instead, so if you can stand the screaming (not mine), have a listen! ^^

the prize turned out to be flowers and a copy of Skool Luv Affair (that I assume was signed), and the MC informed him that actually the prize wasn't for him, but he would be the one who got to hand it over the fan whose number he would pick.
"well, if it's for a fan then I'll have to be happy about it (it being giving his prize away)". good boy.
I don't know if it was from getting picked at all or cos she was Seokjin biased, but the girl who got picked was all shaking and crying when she got on stage. Seokjin asked her why she way crying, was it because she was happy? she said yes, and they aw'd.
Yoongi poked Seokjin and said he should sing to her before handing her the prize, so he did the 되고파 너의 오빠 bit from 상남자.
he then proceeded to kiss the album, and I thought she was gonna go into the ugly cry at this point, but she held it together and got her things and bowed all the way out.

but that was that. the boys went off stage, and the MC talked a bit more to fill the time while they got ready for the next part.
he said that while talking to the boys earlier he had asked Hoseok what he had been looking forward to the most about coming to Germany, and it wasn't the sights or the food(?), but the fans, and everyone awww'd.
he said the boys had been so nice to work with, and he hoped he'd get a chance to do it again if they came back.
while he talked they set up set 7 chairs and everyone squealed cos obviously chairs could only mean one thing.
so he said thank you and goodbye, and they came back out ..or did they actually come back out before he was done saying bye? I can't remember.

하루만 ❤️ wonderful, perfect 하루만. I didn't start crying the second it started, but let's be real, it wasn't long after.
in many ways this song is what started 방탄소년단 for me and I probably wouldn't even have been there if it hadn't been for this song and Miranda and Anna. it's one of my faves and to be able to experience it live, to hear their voices perform it, to see the fluent hand movements, to know every part of the choreo, to sing along in home-made Korean, it really was a dream come true.
it was just a tiny bit too bad that they had handheld mics cos that meant that Jeongkook only had one hand to do that bit with. he still did it as graceful as ever. of course.


after 하루만 they all lined up towards the front of the stage and I thought they were gonna do a little chat bit, but then 좋아요 came on!! I squealed cos oh my god!!!
the choreo for this is so cute and sexy (hello hip sways and crotch grabs) all at the same time, and there are hardly any cams of it around. I think that's why it felt so special. to be able to see a choreo of a non-promoted song is a rare treat from groups that hasn't had solo concerts yet. I felt really lucky.
what made it even better was the huge smiles plastered all over their faces ❤️


when the song was over, it was time for goodbye ment, and they all did it in English.
95line talked about all the messages everyone leaves them on various SNS.
Taehyung said it makes them "really HAPPY!" and the way he said it was just SO DAMN CUTE AND WITH THAT SQUARE GRIN BABY LEMME SQUISH YOU.
yellow card said "really thank you, really thank you", and I dunno, the way he said it just made me cry more. he said something else, too, but his mic were sometimes way too low so I didn't catch that.
Jeongkook said "the 7 of us will do our best to meet you again so please wait for us", and his pronunciation was so good!? not that I'm really that surprised cos is there anything that boy can't do besides archery cough, but since his English comprehension is, um, bad I just didn't imagine it would be like this??
enter 방탄소년단 butter lump, Min Yoongi. "we will always stay with you so don't you cheat on us". my first thought, "Seongyeol pLS". second thought, "what can I throw at Yoongi" cos oH MY G oD MY HANDS WERE CURLING SO BAD. he was still a fucking cutie, and I wanted it to be true cos right now life without 방탄소년단 would make me :(
Namjoon said that unfortunately, it was time for the last song. he also said that their new album comes out this summer (which we now know means 140820) so stay focused.
and then he said that 진격의 방탄 was the last song and everyone screamed!
they went to get into positions and everyone took off their cardis and people screamed even more.

진격의 방탄 is such a fun song, I absolutely love it and clearly it was a crowd pleaser, too. people were dancing and singing along, and during the chorus people jumped so much the floor was bouncing.
the choreo's so fun and cute. the bit with the baseball bat, the dominos, the marching, yellow card flailing around.
I was keeping an eye out to see if Taehyung was gonna do anything after Jeongkook's bridge part, but he just looked and nodded and smiled.

ending ment (Eng) + 진격의 방탄:

then they went off stage again, and I think there was a little vcr? just some small edit, probably to pass the time.. I dunno, I'm really fuzzy, and in any case it wasn't long enough and people got restless and started chanting both BTS, 방탄소년단, Boy In Luv, and probably other stuff that I blocked out.
I kinda wondered if they had hit a snag backstage cos it was an awkwardly long pause compared to the flow of the rest of the show.

finally they came back out wearing the dark navy (or is it black??) 상남자 suits, and I felt like crying again- or, well, cry harder again, cos I had literally had tears in my eyes since 하루만.
but this (and Tomorrow) is my fave song, and they looked so fucking g o o d, and just the thought that I was gonna see the choreo that I love so much, and hear maknae line's voices sing this song, it was just all a little much.

but much to my surprise they didn't do 상남자, but Jump!! I was so excited cos another rare one!!!
this has such a cute choreo, too, and they just looked like they were having so much fun performing this. Yoongi looked so cute and tiny, jumping into the arms of Jikook, and Taekook's lil low-five jkdfhsjhfkjhf
and of course everyone sang and jumped along cos how could you not?!

then Namjoon said that they had heard people chanting "BTS" when they were backstage, and people started doing it again.
and then he said that now was really the last song, but the new album is out this summer so with that this was not the end, and that we would meet again? he thanked us for all our support, and then he said we probably knew what the last song was, and everyone went "BOY IN LUV!!!".

and of course it was cos how could you have anything 방탄소년단 and not include 상남자.
Jeongkook's voice, Taehyung's tongue, the crotch grabs, the fluent position changes, they did it all perfectly.
and Messy Ponytail's buddy looked like she was having a seizure when Seokjin's part (the 안달 났어 part, not the 되고파 너의 오빠 part oddly enough) came up.

Jump + Namjoon ment (Eng) + 상남자:

but I'm not judging. I think I was having my own meltdown at that point. I knew it was gonna be the end and I didn't want it to end, ever. I didn't want them to leave. ever.
but 3 mins and 51 seconds never flew by so fast, and before I knew it they were all waving and bowing, I think Yoongi did a hand kiss and someone else made an over-the-head heart?
they thanked us, and yellow card said "we love you Germany~".
they played 좋아요 in the background and Jeongkook sang along to a few lines before he left ㅠㅠ I cried. it was the perfect last impression.

this night was like a dream.
to be able to see them this early after their debut and my serious entry into their fandom while feels are still so consuming.
to be able to see them this well (thank you, dear sandals) just elevated the experience so much more than I imagined it would. I was free to just focus on the boys and taking everything in, it was amazing.
and to be able to see them with such a well-behaving crowd. I saw one girl move back from the front lines (maybe she didn't get squished, maybe she just had to pee?), but even where I was and could see, there were no pushing and showing and disgusting behaviour. people sang and danced and jumped and overall kept quiet when there was talking going on. thank you, dear crowd.
I did have issues with Messy Ponytail and her friend, especially her friend. she actually screamed so much and so loud, I felt like I was gonna literally throw up at one point. I've never had sound do that to me before. it was both impressive and scary.
but overall, this was a good crowd.

anywho, I think it was Anna who asked me after, how it was, and I told her that they were as expected, and putting it like that made me think for a long time cos it doesn't sound all that excited at first glance. and I did notice that even with everything, I was noticeable less incoherent after than compared to what I've been for other concerts.

but first of all, I think that just the difference between solo concert and fanmeet has an impact. I thought it was totally amazing to have this opportunity to just stand and observe them quietly for a long time, to have time to really take them in, all of them, whereas at a concert things are a lot more hyped, even with talk breaks and ballads and whatnot.

secondly, as much as I loved the other groups when I saw them in concert, I was at significantly other places in my fandom feels, and that has definitely had an impact, too.

third, as much as I loved the other groups when I saw them in concert, they still managed to surprise me with how amazing it was to attend their concerts, and as such they exceeded my expectations.
for this, I a) hardly had any expectations other than being able to lay my eyes upon them, cos I had no idea what "fanmeet" meant, and 2) and maybe most importantly, I expected so so much from Bangtan. seriously, I love them so much, and I expected perfection and they delivered. of course.
but so I didn't have that surprised "wow they're perfect?!" feeling cos I already knew they were, they already knocked me off my feet, and the thought that they wouldn't be able to deliver literally never even crossed my mind before this night.

I don't know if I'm explaining this well, but what I'm trying to say is just that unlike other concerts, Bangtan had no room to exceed my expectations cos they were already all the way up there, so "being as expected" is actually pretty damn good, despite how it might sound.
I'm pretty sure, though, that if I ever get to see a Bangtan solo concert it will exceed even my wildest dreams.

I made a few notes about each of them cos, again, without visual aids I felt like I had to dedicate some time focusing on each of them or some of them might fade pretty quickly from my memories..

Kim Taehyung Kim in one word: C U T E. cute cute cuteeee!!!
he was SO. FUCKING. CUTE. just looking at him brought tears to my eyes. he looked so happy and energetic, and just the expression on his face when the MC had finished talking and he turned to the translator, he looked so eager to find out what was being said, he was so alert and "on", it was a joy to see.
he has the most ovary-shaking, intense, deep voice and during the beginning of 상남자 I was this close to legit moaning cos dAMN SON.
he was every bit as random as I wanted him to be, and not just with his jokes, but also just the little fidgety things he did while other were talking and the faces he pulled at the audience.
and every bit as cute and happy as he seemed, just as intense and sexy could he turn when the performance called for it. energetic moves, tongue and lip biting, and intense gazes, the boy knew how to turn it up- I mean, on. I love him.

Min Yoongi was an honour for me, and he was every bit as Min Yoongi as I expected him to be.
he talked a lot, but at the same time still a lot less than I expected him to? but I suspect it might be because this was mostly in English.
his voice is amazing, too, and just him speaking is soothing and cute and sexy, while lots of the stuff he says makes you wanna punch him.
he seemed really happy and in a good mood, too. his new hair looks so good even if I still think the bangs are too straight and horizontal, but I can deal.
and he danced so hard, like, seriously giving his all.
to hear him rap is something I'll treasure forever, be it intense rap full of attitude and, dare I say it, swag, or cute and happy and lovely raps that gave me butterflies. he is best.

Seokjin. this was the only one who did manage to surprise me, actually. but to be fair, it was probably because I didn't have the highest of expectations to begin with..
I do love him as part of the group, but personally he's not really my slice of pie.
however. he was a lot less awkward than I thought he was gonna be. he was in a good mood, too, and lots of smiles all the time.
he was really sweet with the girl who won his prize, and he seemed more confident (and not in the annoying way) and less flustered when the attention was on him, that I feared he would be.
he looked good with the dark hair, and I have a lot of feels about hair, so that's a plus in my book.
and he danced so hard, bless his heart, and he kept up with everyone just fine.

Kim Namjoon. "best leader ❤️" that's my first note and my first impression.
this boy just continues to amaze me with his personality. the way he has this calm personality, even if he can be absolutely crazy when the mood strikes him, and he just wears the leader name with confidence and calm and compassion. not only the way he patted yellow card, but the care he showed all members, the quiet ways he checks that everyone is okay and helps out where and when needed. it turns me into goop that a 19 year old has the capacity to do this as well as he does.
he seemed in a really good mood, too. he was bright and polite, and just really really pleasant? like, can I hug you? I wanna hug you, please. I wanna be Namjoon's friend.
and damn, the boy is beautiful to boot. do I spy a round face....?? and when he smiles his face just turns into this cute cheek thing that I just wanna squish while I poke his dimple. ..okay enough of that.
he could clearly have done the whole thing in English, and I couldn't help but think that all things being equal it must still be really nice for him to be able to communicate with fans outside Korea and Japan. I know English is pretty useless back home in Korea, but in the rest of the world it really is pretty universal, and if all of them just had a minimum of English skills they could manage in so many countries. ..I don't know why I'm talking about this right now, it has nothing to do with Namjoon in Berlin.

Hoseok. Bangtan's red bull. he was so adorable and heartfelt and happy and cute and giddy and just everything I knew he would be, but it never got to feel over the top.
he talked a lot (cos he's Hoseok) and not necessarily in English lol but it was fun and lively and I loved it.
I was gonna say all sorts of things about him, but I can't function properly cos Bighit just uploaded some dance practice pictures, anD HE'S WEARING THE TANK TOP MIRANDA GAVE HIM AND I JUST- /GURGLES

Park yellow card. my yellow card. I love this boy so fucking much, and I'm not afraid to admit it. well I am but let's keep it between me and you sssshh
from the moment he stepped on stage I just couldn't take my eyes off of him. of course I looked at the others, too, but it really felt like I always ended up looking at him, or Jeongkook obviously, and it was scary and wonderful at the same time.
the way he moves on stage no matter what kind of choreography, is so sexy??? LiK??E????? or maybe that's just me, I dunno, I don't care. seeing his body in the flesh has ruined me, I'm so upset.
he danced so hard for everything, just like I knew he would, and it was beautiful.
and on top of that he was so fucking cute and funny, and funny because he was cute, and, I dunno, can you drown in an eyesmile that's literally just slits cos I felt like I did.
he was happy and playful (I dunno who thought it was a good idea to put him and Hoseok next to each other) and I didn't find it over the top, like, I actually put "not gross" in my notes LOL
but I really didn't think he was. he was beautiful and perfect, and seeing him in person just solidified the love I have for him in the biggest way. I haven't been able to stop thinking about him.
when I heard the rumours about someone calling him fat and ugly to his face during high touch my heart just completely broke for him, even if it was just rumours, but just the possibility of it being true made me want to kidnap him and hug him forever. you don't bash anyone like that. don't do that.
and if it is true, I hope he'll hug his members and shake it off and let the memory of all the people who loved him that day take over. 짐니샤룽햄❤️

정꾸기❤️ I call him perfect, and he really was.
like all the others he seemed so happy and in such a good mood. he smiled so much I didn't know what to do with myself. that eyesmile wrecks me in milliseconds ㅠㅠ
and he looked good. as in good condition or how I assumed he'd look, if that makes sense? Taehyung looked a bit on the skinnier side than what I thought, Yoongi looked shorter than I thought (sorry Min Yoongi I still love you), Seokjin's shoulders looked ordinary (as in if no one had talked about it I would never think, whoa he has really broad shoulders), but Kookie looked like I expected him to.
he was stunningly beautiful, I couldn't stop staring at his face. the way he would laugh out loud, the way his lips would just slightly curl when he was smiling to himself, the way his eyes would slightly widen when he was excited, the way his black hair swept perfectly across his forehead.
and the way that beautiful face would just completely change when they were performing. the determination and intensity in his face, the look in his eyes, the tongue darting out to wet his lips after singing, the powerful execution of choreography. there were moments where I was getting uncomfortable in my panties, lemme tell ya. like Taehyung he really knows when to turn it on.
but mostly he just made my heart explode a million times over cos besides being the cutest fuck, his voice is to die for. I still get surprised over how deep his speaking voice can be and to hear it in person made me completely weak in the knees.
of course that's nothing compared to when he started singing SEND JESUS. he has such a special voice to me. it can be super sweet and almost sultry or commanding and hot as fuck, depending on what he's performing, and all of it goes straight to my heart. I feel so grateful to have had the chance to appreciate it in person, and I'm forever thankful they performed live.
personality-wise he was exactly as I expected, too. he was present and happy and funny, but not in a loud way. he has this understated kind of humour that I really like.
and, bless, he was every bit as embarrassed about his hyungs as I expected him to be. during the post-it dancing he was facepalming so much and even after Hoseok finished he just kept hiding his face in his hands LOL I love him so much.
he really was perfect and I'm aching to see him again.

but in general all of them were perfect. it was completely mesmerizing to see them dance the choreos I've spent countless hours watching on my TV. it was only recently I watched their real MVs cos for the first several months I watched nothing but their dance practice videos. their skills completely knocked me off my feet, and I've been completely captivated by their dancing and choreos ever since.
and let me tell you, if I thought it was impressive to see them on video, it was nothing compared to live.
and they seemed so happy and harmonious. sure, they were on stage, but they really did seem relaxed and like they were having a good time.

but that was that. they left as suddenly as they appeared, and the house lights came back on, and people that didn't have high touch tickets were asked to exit asap.
during the performances the people in front of me left or pushed forward or something, I dunno, but several times there were room to move a few meters forward without getting squished, so by the end I was pretty close to the stage.
but when it ended, people left really fast and it was easy to find each other and Miranda and me just squealed, and hugged, and wiped our tears, and we were both just in awe of how amazing the night had been and how perfect they were.

we migrated downstairs again with the rest of the lot, and since there was no rush now, we had time to take pictures of the gift boxes. we also both checked that our stuff was still safely tugged away.
then we went to McD cos hubs had to pee, and I was soooo thirsty and hot so we bought 2 iced lattes (not for Miranda cos she doesn't like coffee). when we came out again there was the tiniest bit of rain in the air and it was so nice even if it wasn't enough to be completely refreshing.

we went across the street to this little street shop kebab place, cos both Miranda and hubs were starving. I was still way too wired to eat, like, I seriously felt like I would throw up if I ate anything. instead I just bought more to drink cos thirrrrrsty.

by the time they were done eating, it was almost 10 and it had been around an hour (the people at McD are really not the fastest bunch..) so we headed back to the venue cos we figured it would be about this time they would be leaving.
there were still some people hanging around, but I was surprised it wasn't a lot more considering there was only one back entrance so it seemed pretty easy to predict where they would come out.
but there were less than 100 left, and it was easy to get a front line spot.

by the way, pet peeve 2: when you're in front and stepping back when security tells you to, and the second the guy turns his back some girl moves around you and stands right in front of you, crossing that line that everyone else stands behind. bitch uM????
I don't care if you're hunched over with an apologetic hehehe small laughter. don't do that. had she asked I would have let her come forward cos she was shorter than me, but don't be rude.
I just frowned at her and went "um, no?!" and she scooted to the side so she wasn't right in front of me.

in the end I ended up crossing the street to stand on the other curb cos the bus was on that side and it had fewer people, and from this side you could look all the way down the street to the back entrance.
and then we just waited again.
the Kpop Non-Stop people were busy packing up the bus with everything from full length mirrors to more than 100 water bottles?? guess I wasn't the only parched one..
we also saw them load all the gift boxes on the bus, and even though I didn't expect them to just leave people's stuff behind, it was still reassuring to see them take it all.

we waited for about an hour? suddenly the bus drove off into the parking lot in front of Neuer Welt, but security stayed at the back entrance. we were totally puzzled, but since they kept security here I thought they'd still be coming this way cos what would be the point of security if they weren't?? so we stayed put.
hubs was bored out of his skull at this point (this falls under the category of fangirl stuff we otherwise never do cos too much waiting around) so to pass time he went to go see the bus turn around in the parking lot. did I mention he was really bored?

after about..I dunno, maybe 10-15 mins he still wasn't back and I jokingly told Miranda that I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up being the only one who got to see them leave.
not 2 mins later he comes rushing back, telling us we were waiting in the wrong place cos he just saw them get on the bus. I was like LOLWUT ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? but of course he wasn't cos that's just how our luck is (which is why I don't like to leave him alone LOL) orzzzz

so we rushed down to the parking lot, and there were only like 20 people here, but still it was really close by and we hadn't heard any squealing or anything to alert the bigger crowd, and we were just really confused.
we thought they would drive out this way, but it turned out there was an exit at the back of the parking lot that we couldn't see from the street.
the bus drove really slowly, though, so there were still plenty of time for us to get back to our original waiting place to see them drive by.
some girls went completely crazy (one of them was the one who got in front of me) and screamed and cried like they flashed us as the drove by, when in reality, all we saw was a tiny hand doing a quick wave, and for all we know it could have been a staff member.
waiting is always boring, but it was fun to try even if it wasn't really worth it in the end - for anyone but hubs, of course -.-

Bangtan leaving:

then we went back to the hotel. we bought lots of cold drinks and snacks on the way, and after a much needed shower we met up in our room to make notes about everything asap cos since there weren't any pictures or videos, we knew it would be best to write as much down as we could right away.
now, usually Miranda's like an elephant, okay?! she can remember the strangest things I've said or done years ago, but for this SHE WAS COMPLETELY USELESS???? seriously, her most used phrase was "I can't remember". WHAT???? HOW ARE YOU FAILING ME AT THIS CRUCIAL MOMENT???
but she claimed I had a weird effect on her in general, like, I am just never calling her anything but Namjoon from now on cos this girl is a clutz oH MY GOD. she kept saying she's not usually like this, and at first we cut her some slack cos accidents happen. just..not this many, all the time.... >__>

anyway, we made notes until about 2:30, and then we ran out of things to remember.
we talked for a couple more hours, but then Miranda ruined everything by asking me to bite a Pocky stick in bite sizes showing my ranking anD WHERE IS THE FUN IN THAT SERIOUSLY.
I hesitated so much that she got fed up with me, but I was seriously struggling with all my yellow card feels after tonight. I got through Jeongkook's bite after a good 20 mins, so in the end she left me and went to bed 8( so rude this one...
we both ended up tweeting for a little while to wind down, and I think I slept a little past 5.

[psa: the Bangtan part of this is over now just fyi ^^]

the next day we didn't have any plans besides checking out at 11 and getting Miranda on her plane at 7, so after checking out we went back to Alexander Platz (oh my god I can't think of Alexander Platz without thinking about the TV tower without thinking about yellow card, my life is ruined), but unfortunately all of the big lockers at the station were taken so we had to lug our suitcase around, and just stored away Miranda's trolley and our backpack. it was better than nothing.

we went to Galeria food market and Miranda got Kinder stuff like she wanted while I just wandered grabbing anything that looked yummy. we walked around the market on Alexander Platz and looked for stuff to eat cos we still haven't had breakfast.
hubs and I got some butter and sage gnocchis, and later Miranda and hubs got a rostbratwürst while I got a chop in a bun.

we were gonna walk for a bit to this special Berlin souvenir store, so we went to the station first to put our groceries in the locker and to see if a big one had become available. still no such luck.
hubs had to pee, and while we waited Miranda suddenly got a text saying that her Berlin-London flight had been cancelled D:
she tried using the links and calling the number in the text, but nothing worked, and in the end we decided to just go to the airport right away to try and talk to them directly about getting her on another flight. (of course a big locker became available right then orz)

needless to say the sudden change in plans put a damper on the mood. it wasn't that our Berlin plans got cancelled, but travelling alone and not knowing if you can even get home that day is just not fun, and I felt so bad for my baby :'(

on the bus she suddenly said that people had tweeted pictures of Bangtan at the airport not 15 mins ago, and for a brief moment we were all sdjhfhgfskd at the thought of the possibility of maybe running into them out there beyond the check-in and the other fans who weren't flying out cos Copenhagen and Stockholm gates were probably close to each other.

but obviously Miranda's flight had priority, and fortunately, once we were there it took all of 5 mins to get her re-booked on another flight so she'd still be able to make her connecting flight home.
it was a 5:10 flight, I think? but it was already announced as delayed, and in the end it had take-off as 6:45?
while we did that hubs went around and checked where the boys were leaving from, but apparently they were flying Air Berlin so it was over at Air Berlin's terminal.

while we waited for Miranda's departure time, we went to Starbucks and hung out, taking polaroids, checking twitter for airport pictures, moaning about yesterday, and Miranda took me to selca school.
at one point a couple of girls came up to us and asked if we knew where Bangtan were, and if they had already left. I was wearing my Jungkook tee so it wasn't as random as it may sound. when we told them they were still here, but they had already gone through security check, they look about as disappointed as us.

and then it was time to say bye, and I just felt really weird. goodbyes are never fun, but I dunno, I just felt really weird about the whole day, like, this is not how things was supposed to end?
anyway, lots of hugging, and later a little crying when I went to the bathroom cos no more Bangtan and no more Miranda and life just sucked 8(
I'm still SO happy we were able to do this together ❤️❤️❤️

Miranda had gotten a food voucher from the nice man at the BA ticket counter, but she passed it to us before she left, so we went and bought some sandwiches and then we went over to the other terminal cos our flight was Air Berlin, too.

AS IT TURNED OUT OUR GATE WAS THE SAME ONE BANGTAN LEFT THROUGH JUST A FEW HOURS BEFORE, WHAT ARE THE ODDS??? so I may or may not have gone around, touching a few more chairs, earning a few more weird looks from people, than I otherwise would have. the world will never know...

besides the complimentary rosemary and sea salt chips we got from Air Berlin, and talking about Taehyung the whole plane ride home, the rest of the day was rather uneventful.
coming home after a big emotional something is always really weird and anti-climactic to me, no matter how long I've been away for, and I'm sure it'll be that way when we get back from Korea, too..

this became way too long, but having to write everything pictures and videos normal "say" is like that.

I hope they come back really soon.


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