Friday, 13 April 2012

Another Easter in Hamburg~

A spontaneous decision to go to Hamburg after all during hubs' Easter vacation resulted in a stay at this dump hotel, Hotel Aachener Hof.

Our room was right above the arched entrance by the yellow car.

How can something so pretty on the outside...

..look like THIS on the inside.. >__<

Seriously, so cluttered with that huge chair in the middle of everything, and shisus, I had a TV like that in my room 20 years ago orz

Hard to tell in this pic, but the door didn't fit in the hole..

If only you could smell this bathroom... >"<

Such romantic lighting..

..this lamp couldn't stay up and just shone right into the wall..

..the closet was so small and useless, it was ridiculous..

..curtain was coming down..

What? They couldn't afford a bucket of paint?!

We left the room as fast as possible and went for a walk and to find dinner. Because of Easter everything was closed, but it was nice to just stroll around anyway - despite the grey weather it wasn't very cold so it was fine walking conditions.

One of the main shopping streets, Mönckebergstrasse, and the town hall in the background

The big mall, Europa Passage. 

Mönckebergstrasse was closed off for traffic because of some Easter concert. 

We got these yummy nuggets in the yellow stand in the picture above. They're called muzen or schmaltzkuchen and are these little deep fried dough bites with tons of icing sugar on them.

At the main train station there's a huge food court and we usually go there for dinner if we're not going to a restaurant, and they have all kinds of different yummy stuff.
This was right above one of the entrances to the food court.. I found the word "kondomeria" hilarious for some reason xD

For me the word "junky" doesn't exactly sound appetizing..

Hubby bought a "spicy" bento and omg it was so hot I could barely eat the ones I tasted D: In my opinion sushi's not supposed to be like that, it's wasabi's job to make it burn, not chilli.

They really know their way around meat in Germany, and I bought a "gyros box" with gyros of course, salad, sauerkraut and fries. And garlic dressing. Meat + garlic dressing = match made in heaven! ♥♥♥♥

The next morning we started out with the meager breakfast buffet. No wonder they buffed it up with lots of fruit pictures on their website..
And yes, we sat in the reception/office space/breakfast room >.<

First stop for the day was an Asian supermarket close to the hotel. We've been there once before before K-anything, but they had expanded since then.

We walked towards the lake on a route we hadn't taken before, and came across this place

The train station 

Obviously it's a clever invention in a big city, and Hamburg has soooo many Smart cars, and some even park the way they were intended

We had thought about a canal tour, but in the end, we didn't go this time

Then we came by American Apparel and I GODDAMN NEARLY WET MYSELF WFWAJFJAJDDA
Colour coordination like this makes me jizz so hard!! sdhfsdahfs I just wanna buy EVERYTHING *u*
By the way, all those suits on the right is all dog your pooch can match you! >.<

Some..different kind of ad?

And then we just happened to chance by BoboQ, aka Bubble Tea heaven!!!

I had caramel milk tea with passion balls, hubby had some..coconutty thing with litchi balls?
This was a such a nice little spot with the cherries in full bloom!!^^

One of the canal cruise boats going through a lock

We went to lunch at Johs. Albrecht, a restaurant with its own micro brewery. On the table was this little snack. It's roasted and salted wheat grains and they were really good!

Right by the canal

While we waited for our food, this made me flail! It made me think of Lia!^^

Hubby's Alsacienne flammekuchen. Looks somewhat like a pizza, but so much better in my opinion <3

I had falafels, mayo-y tzatziki yuck >.<, and salad with THE "French" dressing - meaning a honey/mustard . I could eat that dressing every day 

A candy shop on the way back to the hotel with a disgusting gummy bear pizza in the window yuck! >.<

Hubby's started scouting for wide angle lenses for Korea

Our 3rd Asian super market that day. This places was so huuuuuge o.o

Three stories..

I know what they mean, just....don't >.<

We bought another bubble tea from another place. This time mine was just plain vanilla milk tea with mango pearls, I think? Hubby got tea with Cranberries and spilled half of it on the floor of the hotel room... 

For dinner we went here to get yummy Vietnamese street food!

Half an hour after we got there, ALL chairs were taken and everyone got seated 2 pairs at one table. Turnover ftw

jafgahfdjh the summer rolls we sometimes make! And the dipping sauce. And omg it tasted SOOO good! *u*
It was nice to see that we actually match the authentic taste really well when we make them at home^^

Hubby got freshly squeezed orange juice and a coconut...something. I got my beloved Diet Coke 

Hubby's Bun Bo on the left, and my Bun Cha on the right, and some dipping sauce thing we didn't know what to do with so we just poured it over LOL 

On the menu the dessert said something about banana in sticky rice and coconut, but it turned out it was sweet sticky rice shaped like a banana in this thick coconut "sauce". It resembled spunk in both look and texture so much it was mind-boggling! LOL

Later that evening after dinner, we strolled around and then sat down at this little café. With the red blankets around us it was even nice enough to sit outside!

We got 2 scoops (vanilla and walnut), I got a cute tea set and hubby got, Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier, naturtrüb. That tea set was so cute!!!

The loot for the day. Assorted candy, socks, Asian drinks, cookies, strawberries and a pair of shoes!
Unfortunately, the socks turned out to be too tight for my fat calves -_______-

Goodbye breakfast before we blew that pop stand, this day in the actual breakfast room!

After we checked out we drove to the 2nd Asian supermarket we had gone to yesterday because they had so much we wanted to buy, so we had decided to come back with the car! We ended up with these two big boxes and 102 Euros poorer!

Now, it may look like we didn't get much for our Euros, but honestly, it would have been so much more expensive in DK - not to mention the fact that we can only get a couple of these items in DK at all, so to us it was money well spend! 
We got so much stuff, like, 20 packs of Shin ramyeon, cookies, noodle dishes, leaves, TomYum broth cubes, seaweed, soju, makgeolli, and tons of chili powder and paste! We even got tteok so now we can try our hand at making tteokbokki!! \o/

Anyway, as always a trip to Hamburg felt too short except the stay in that room was way too long! because there's just always so much to do and see and eat! 
And it's definitely our new go-to place for Korean yummies since the real deal is so far away >.<

Long story short, do go there if you ever get the chance~


  1. omg everything looks so nice! wish i could go there, too (when I'm already earning money for myself lol)

    but the hotel lol i feel you bb! we had to stay somewhere like that before and the look of the building outside was totally deceiving orz

    also, that philippine mango juice drink omfg i lol-ed so hard! XDDD "sweet memories of cebu" sounded like cebu died or smth but omg you thought of me! <333

    i had no idea you went to germany all the while you're gone in twitter and fb i was like wurr da heck is mia? DDD:

    anyway, i'm glad you had fun! <3

    /is a creep reading dis entry lol

  2. LOL no you're not a creep XD

    Awww I thought I had spread the word :3

    Me: "CEBU HAJKHSHFKJH" /flails
    Hubby: o______________________o
    Good times^^

  3. Looks like (despite your room:) you had fun and got some awesome things. Although, I don't know know what most of that stuff is the nuggets with the sugar all over them looked super YUMMY!!!!! Love you!!!