Thursday, 23 February 2012


Three days ago hubs posted this on my Facebook wall asking what is was.

Honestly, I had no clue. What.So.Ever. Literally me ↓

Yes, I buy too much a lot when I can't even remember if I'm expecting a package or even recognize the name "Kpop Market". On the other hand this is the only kind of surprise I like, to be honest^^

Anyway, after 15 mins of looking like ↑ it finally dawned on me! 
A little while back my friend Kim asked for my shipping address because she wanted to get me a poster! How sweet is that?!

My gorgeous baby - with his eerily tan arms XD

I had to re-arrange, but I didn't want the poster so close to the kitchen with grease fumes and whatnot. Our stove is literally just covered behind the wall yes, I can almost lean against it when I'm on my computer orz but I can print new pictures anytime, but I can't just get a new poster.

Thank you, my lovely Kim

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