Wednesday, 15 February 2012

120208 KBS Music Bank in Paris

as usual, this is a personal travel account, not an ordinary whatever that means fanaccount, so if you just wanna see my cams and pics, feel free to scroll way down cos I like to talk a lot.

A/N: Well this took it's sweet ass time to get out of my head. It turned out very different than my SMTown account, and I'm not all that pleased with it, if I'm being honest.

I think it's safe to say that this trip to Paris had been highly anticipated even since we managed to secure our tickets! SMTown was the most amazing electrifying night ever and we wanted moar, so when we got the tickets for Music Bank we thought we were home free. But - to put it mildly - there's been a few bumps along the road!

Like, the cancellation of one of the shows. Of course it had to be the one on the 9th which we had pit tickets for, and of course our tickets for the 8th had to be non-refundable. So seats it was.. orz
Yes, a highly ungrateful comment to make, I know, but since I'm the one who spent almost 200 Euros (almost $265) I think it's understandable to want a fair return on my investment.

Speaking of investment, our 2 new Sony DSC-HX9V at the lovely price of $890, were supposed to come on Friday so we'd have the weekend to familiarize ourselvses with them, but they didn't. So we had to call them on Saturday to bitch and they assured us we would have them Monday.. Great. 1 day. Luckily I have a very tech savvy hubby or I would be screwed.

And then of course there was the amusing little email we got from Air France 3 days before take off about AF going on strike so our flight might be cancelled at the last minute................. What in the actual fuck?? Let's just say my headache was immediate..

Oh, and then our car suddenly wouldn't start late Friday afternoon, and in dis here country you can't have problems like that fixed on the weekend - unless you can fix them yourself, which we wouldn't couldn't in -10C!
Did I mention that we would need the car to get to the airport in the first place? Yeah.
Well, at least I could stop stressing over how to get to the hotel from Charles de Gaulle Airport because what a waste of time that would be if we weren't even gonna make it to CDG in the first place!

But somehow over the next three days until we had to depart things worked out. No cancellation, I got the car to the shop on an emergency appointment, and even the weather forecast looked promising! 0 to -5C and sunny and hardly any wind is considered "good" this time of year.
I'm sure it's cos I've been such a good girl lately..

The only glitch was the lack of Onew in the airport pics which sparked all sorts of rumours. Was he not coming and if so why not, or was he already there and if so why and blah blah blah.
I was really disappointed at the thought of no OT5, but to be honest, there hasn't been any word from or about Onew in forever and I was/AM more worried than annoyed.. What the hell is going on over there...?

So on Tuesday February 7th it was once again "Bonjour, City of Lights, we meet again", and, sweet Jesus, I didn't think I was ever gonna say that again because the last part of our descent + the landing itself was so bumpy and swaying like nothing I've ever tried before AND I AM SCARED SHITLESS OF FLYING TO BEGIN WITH.
But everyone lived, including that obnoxious guy who wouldn't stop laughing and commenting every little thing really loud.

Funny sidenote on the whole plane thing. We were like an hour delayed (or more?), and the endearing captain's explanation over the loud speakers for our plane's late departure from CPH Airport was that it had a late arrival at CHP.
Oh, and what made us even later was, that after everyone had been buckled in for a while, the captain suddenly shows up and asks us, as in the two first rows after First Class, to move to the back of the plane because we couldn't take off due to overweight in the front end of the plane. Apparently he thought it would be enough to just move our two rows back. I thought it was hilarious.
He did call me Ma'am, though, which I did not find hilarious.. But we moved, and all was well on the plane again.

This time we took an airport shuttle to down town, so no muggings or anything, and we easily made our way to the hotel.
We had just booked a deal with airfare and the cheapest hotel close to Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy so we didn't really have any particular expectations, but we got the biggest Privilége room on the top floor which in itself almost cost more than we had paid for our entire deal!

I called the chair Minho

It was a quiet room even though it was facing the street and above-ground metro, and it had a nice view of the Seine and Bercy.

And the neighbourhood was so much nicer than last time although it still wasn't Ms. Bradshaw's hood. Oh well.



Ever since they canceled the 9th we had been contemplating how to get on the floor because no doubt pit would give better cams and pictures. We ended up with the brilliant plan of "just trying to sneak in" which meant that we would have to queue for considerably longer to get a somewhat good spot.
But as mentioned it was kinda cold so we doubted it would make people queue like in the summer time, and we couldn't see any queues by Bercy from our window. So shortly before noon (when hunger forced us out the door) we went over to scope out the place.

It was a big place up close, and the first thing we spotted was a big banner advertising KBS Music Bank, K-Pop!

Bercy has an unusual structure and doors everywhere so we just started walking around it to look for the main entrance.
We didn't see any queues, but a few girls wandered around to keep warm. The looked like regular girls, but for some reason it's always easy to sort fans from just regular people walking the streets.
We did see the VIP entrance where the red carpet was being vacuumed, but even at the main entrance with the ticket checks in place, only a little more people lurked around and a lot of kids were having snowball fights, but no queues.

We did pass these three mid-twenties Danish guys, obviously there for Music Bank, without any girls??? I was wow.
We kept walking around and finally we saw the queue. About 300 people had already gathered, and a lot were draped in these golden sheets of tinfoil-like material to keep warm, but most already looked like popsicles. The front had been queuing for 6 hours already and still had at least that to go.

I asked a guard and he said that this was the only line to get to the floor, but if you had seated tickets you needed to go through the main entrance, in other words we had no chance of our brilliant plan working since floor and seats didn't even use the same entrance. For SMTown it had just been one big entrance, and then, basically, people could go where ever they wanted.

With that new info we went food shopping, and then back to the room to chill - and by chill I mean get warm until we had to go back out into that cold. So we got all nice and toasty, and then just waited for time to pass. We even had time to watch the Super Bowl's winning touch down or whatever it was.
With all that free time we still managed to run late, of course, cos suddenly we remembered that I still hadn't looked at the cameras to figure out how to work them.
Of course, it wasn't like running late for the concert itself, but just according to my plan /is anal about plans.

The queue from our window before we left

Even though we figured we'd be in our seats I still felt the need to wear my heeled boots, just in case we were able to go to the floor and I had to peer over the tops of people's shoulders (yes, shoulders, not heads cos my heels weren't that high). OH BOY I wasn't aware that my feet had gotten so fat!!! I almost gave up on the left, and when I finally crammed everything in there, the zipper seemed like it was about to break.

Anyway, can you imagine a fun walk we had to Bercy? 200m and I had to stop 3 times and channel my internal zen to stop me from screaming at the skies and jump in the Seine.

There were a lot more people now, but we still got a spot not more than..5-10m from one of the entries.

Oddly enough the 3 Danish guys ended up standing almost right beside us, and I was dying to know if they really came to Paris just for Music Bank, but I was too chicken to ask.
And then we just waited..

I dunno if it was this time of year, but people were a lot less dressed to impress than at SMTown and more just, bundled up. Cute bundles, but still..

There were the occasional bright skinnies paying hommage to my babies, and someone even had Tae's JP Replay Jeremy Scott Flames JS Wings.

And more than one person had Jong's RDD hair.

Sidenote: We were surrounded by DSLRs. Of course.

The gates were about 30 mins late so we ended up waiting about an hour after all, but once inside there was still plenty of time for everything. I bought a Music Bank glowstick I forgot to ask how to make glow, but oh well, it's not like I'm gonna use it anyway. It was for the sentimental value.
We did look for a floor entrance, but it was closed of so no dice. So off to the seats~

Like I said here we weren't sure about our seats, but it turned out they were both better, worse, and the same as feared.

The same because this is where we ended up sitting, only on this side where the picture is taken from. So if on stage, you had to look right to see us.
Anyway, they were also a lot better in the sense that Bercy is so huge that if we had gotten seats further away from the stage, our cameras wouldn't have had nearly enough zoom. They struggled as it were, so...
And this way we were close enough that I could actually see the people on stage and not just on the big screen - which, by the way, happened to be very conveniently located right beside us.
In regards to SHINee, the seats would have been so much better on the other side because they, and therefore Taemin, were mostly on that side of the stage.
By the way, what are the odds, but we ended up with a row of Swedes right behind us.

Like I said, the place is huge and, unfortunately, even with the cancellation of the 9th, it was far from sold out. There were so many free Cat. 2 seats.. I partly blame the ticket systems for that because it's not possible to choose your own seats when you buy. The system suggests and then you either accept and move on or decline and start your order all over again. A system like that is so useless in my opinion, because after a while it makes people give up (we ended up retrying for 45 mins for our seats), and in the end we had free seats on both sides of us.

We spent the wait eating popcorn, people watching, cracking glowsticks, and for a little while right before the show started, we sang along to music videos from every group except Sistar, who weren't shown?
That was actually a really interesting preview of how much love each group would get from this audience. With SMTown it was like one big happy SM family kinda, but this were groups from all over the place. Turns out Frenchies REALLY love U-Kiss, B2st and 2PM! Oh em gee, do they love 2PM. Oh, and Hyoyeon, of course. That girl should move to Europe and be treated like a queen.

And suddenly it was time. Because of our seats being to the side, we could see behind the curtain and there they were!!!!!!!
Of course, SHINee had to be towards the back at the far end of the stage, but still. My baby 

They started out with a group song "Aux Champs Elysees". Koreans who barely know English, singing in French. Okay..
Of course, the people on stage were easily drowned out by the audience because everyone knew the song, and even if you didn't, you still sang along lol

Then Minho introduced the MCs (although nobody had introduced Minho hurhur) for the night. 이장우/Lee Jangwoo who's a singer/actor apparently (never heard of him, so feel free to correct me), 최수영/Choi Sooyeong from SNSD and a Sohn Mina, who I suspect to be French/Korean in some mix(?) cos she was co-host/translator.

As I said, we thought each group would do 4-6 songs + special stages, but in fact, each group only did 2 songs with a 2-3 song medley as intro. /jibbed
Later, when we got back to the hotel, we both agreed that the SHINee part felt like it was over in the blink of an eye. Boo.

First up after the sing-along was U-Kiss.
Now, I'm one of those people who, when I like a song, can listen to it non-stop for..days, weeks, months, really, without getting sick of it. I do move on to other songs, but that's more a matter of me liking a new songs than disliking the old.
Anyway, their medley was 0330, Tick Tack (let's ignore that I wrote Tick Tock 15 different places orz), and 빙글빙글 (which I had never heard of), and then after they did Neverland.
Neverland has been in my playlist for months now (wait, when did it come out?? Anyway..) along with 0330 and Tick Tack, but I don't know the first thing about U-Kiss as a group, but I was very happy they put on a great show! Of course, it didn't hurt that they got some of the biggest cheers from the audience, but they seemed energetic and happy and in a good mood.
They also did Man Man Ha Ni, but where my cam of that went, only god knows..

Next up were Sistar. If I knew nothing about U-Kiss, I don't even know what to call my knowledge about Sistar, and I'm not ashamed to say that didn't stop me from having an opinion, but I have to say I really liked them. I wouldn't go as far as calling myself a..what do Sistar stans call themselves? Sisters? In-laws? I dunno, and since I'm not one... meh
They put on a great show, and I don't know if it's their first time over here, but they seemed really happy to be here and were all smiles ^^
I don't remember what their medley was, but they performed 니까짓게, Ma Boy and So Cool. I used So Cool to give my sore feet a rest... But daaayuum those girls can body wave. Much respect.

The 1st Special Stage was a dance stage with Sohyeon (4Minute), Bora (Sistar), Hyomin (T-ara) and Hyoyeon (SNSD). I'm tempted to say "as usual" by now, but Hyoyeon got the biggest cheer. I swear, she's like the Amber of Music Bank.
By far the shortest dance stage I've ever seen, and besides Hyoyeon and her issues with keeping her balance, it really didn't look like that much dancing, but more just writhing and a lot of hair everywhere.. - which is nice, it is, it is.. I just...meh.

Next up was 4Minute. Erhhmm...let's just say that this was 2nd on the list of highly anticipated performances by the male half of my party. Hyuna legs and hair and pouts everywhere, mhmmm.
But poor Hyuna, having to dress and move like that when she's not trying to be sexy and would rather be all tomboy-ish. What? She said so herself in an interview I read.
4Minute also did a medley, but I don't know them well enough to know what songs they were. And then they did 거울아거울아 and Heart to Heart, my two faves, so I was a happy camper ^^

Special Stage 2 was a duet with Sistar's Hyorin and U-Kiss' Soohyeon. They sang the ballade Love Always Finds A Reason. It was in English..I guess? I don't think I knew the song before, and Korean accents can be heavy.. Or maybe it's just because I'm not a native English speaker, who knows?
I really like their voices, and Soohyeon's mic fail just added a little comedy to all the love.

Finally: SHINee, but as expected they were leaderless :/
And to make things worse, they wore their The First outfits *headdesk* I know there's a lot of contenders for the spot, but I think it may be my least favorite outfit on Tae - or definitely in the top 3. Seriously, two kinds of plaid in two different colours - and no, it wouldn't have been better if shirt and pants were made of the same fabric orz
Oh, sidenote on the colours. I always thought the shirt looked a weird purple-ish tone, but turns out it's actually a murky green?
Anyway, stuffing the shirt into the pants, and the waist on those pants are so high I can't.. It makes him look like he's wearing a diaper idek
Everything else was it's usual gorgeous self. I like his hair these days, not blond yay! And the sharpness and intensity of his movements amazed me as always.

They started out with a medley of 누난 너무 예뻐, Love Like Oxygen, Hello, and went straight into Ring Ding Dong.
Then they had the world's shortest talk with no individual greetings. Key fixed his hair and waved at the crowd while Jong said something in Korean I couldn't hear. Minho waved and smiled at people, and Tae..was being Tae; standing, smiling, putting the mic up to his mouth without saying much.
Key said it was their second time in Paris, thanks for being such a good audience, ..something I couldn't hear..something about supporting them?, and please enjoy the next song..which is Lucifer. He paused and laughed as if he almost forgot what song they were doing next LOL
But ajgshdgdh Key speaking English! I dunno what it is about it, but it's so sexy to hear him speak English??? Maybe it's the idea that if I ever met him, I would actually be able to communicate with him..

They started Lucifer on the main stage and then moved out and finished on the platform. Ho had his usual moment of insanity at the end of his rap, and Jong half-assed his dancing as usual lol. Sorry, I just think he often slacks a lot on the dancing side. A Blinger once defended him by saying that Jong cares more about the singing than the dancing. ...okay, so what? You're agreeing with me or...? Besides it's not like he needs defending, I never said I like him less because of it.

And then it was over, just like that ㅠㅠ

By the way, with Onew not there, I noticed Key and Ho singing his lines. Maybe the others did as well? But for some reason I suck at remembering who usually sings what lines. Only certain lines stand out to me like that.

Despite what you might think, I have actually struggled the most with this part of my post because I couldn't find the right words to describe it, and to be honest, I'm not sure I'm succeeding still.
I had been waiting almost 5 months for this moment, and with SMTown still very much alive in my mind and the rush of feelings still there when I watch my videos and pictures, it's fair to say I had high expectations for SHINee...and it's not to say they weren't met, I mean c'mon it's SHINee live, but it was such a different experience, it did leave me feeling slightly disappointed.

First of all, I don't think I had counted on proximity to matter that much, but it did. For SMTown we had an amazing pit spot right in front of the stage and so close to them. This time we were not only off to the side, but so far away that it never really broke that..that barrier, that distant feeling that's always there when you watch even the best of cams or DVDs. It only felt really live to me during Taemin's special stage because..well, because it was Tae and his voice, which I realize is a lame reason, but apparently that's how a bias works.

Secondly, and this has been the real pickle, SHINee just seemed less.......shiny /gets bricked
First I thought it was because of our seats and all that, but since then, almost every other person I've talked to have had a similar feeling, no matter where they were situated at Bercy.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those delusional bitches who doesn't understand that they're humans, too, and are allowed days off and bad moods and all that. And there were smiles and waves and singing and dancing..but still......something..was off.......I....hmm........ Oh boy, am I glad other people have expressed this feeling, too, because otherwise I would sound completely nuts.

And obviously speculations have been running amok. Personally, I don't think it has anything to do with Onew not being there. Over the years SHINee have had plenty of OT4 performances, so I don't buy that one. Possibly, it might have something to do overall with why Onew's M.I.A., but, I dunno.. My babies are usually so pro that I would expect them to be able to put it aside for the 20+ mins they were on stage..
Key seemed the most energetic to me.
And it wasn't per se that Tae was different than usual, he was smiling and waving and did a bounce or two, but oh my god, this kid, when it's not the ending water fight of a SHINee World concert or when he's out of drag, he is just so so awkward around people. It's okay, baby, you don't have to look over your shoulder for the other boys every other second. YOU'RE NOT LOST.
Some people also said that Jong was angry and/or fighting with Ho? And that Taemin was sad... I didn't notice anything like that, and I also don't think we captured anything in our videos to support those theories so..
I think what was unusual for me, was the lack in SHINee interaction amongst themselves. Or something.. I dunno so I should probably stop talking, and when I look at my cams the do look somewhat cheery....but...

Long story short, it was AMAZING seeing the boys again, but they were definitely lackluster in some way.

Then the house lights came on and it was announced that there would be a 20 min. break. Erhmm, clearly a TV show recording and not a concert because that was a little weird and put an odd damper on the mood. They could at least have played some more videos or just music while we waited. But nothing.
So I amused myself with selcas. Oh lord..

The next medley started out with Kara's Step and I was just groovin' along in my own little world without realizing, that Kara wasn't part of the line-up, and I only realized what was actually going on 3 days later when we were reviewing the videos for upload.
I did notice when the 2nd song was MissA's Breathe, and suddenly it also hit me that there were black girls on stage. Now, you can say a lot of things about kpop, but you won't find many black people in that world.
They were obviously just girls so we assumed they were some lucky fans or something. We later found out that they were winners of some big kpop dance cover contest, and apparently they got to spend the day hanging out backstage. With everyone. Okay, I'm jelly now.
The last song they danced to was T-ara's Roly Poly, and suddenly they were joined by T-ara!

And then it was time to PUT YOUR HANDS UP. Yup, I went there. It was the most fun and energetic part of the show: 2PM. Crazy boys, who I usually find too over the top most of the time, 'cept for my little Khunnie, but you have to hand it to them.They know how to whip up a party.
Their medley was Heartbeat (which I do. not. like.), I Hate You (which I didn't know, but also didn't like..) and I'll Be Back (which I like even less than Heartbeat LOL).
Then straight into 10점 만점에 10점, which I had never heard before, but I liked it! Apparently I was also the only one, except for hubs, who hadn't heard it before, cos everyone was singing along to the chorus.

Even their ment was different. Tons of happy energy, and they did a photo gag with the audience, and Chanseong and Wooyeong introduced their next song by singing it in French.
And of course their next song was Put Your Hands Up. I think this was the only song where Mubank felt like SMTown, people were jumping and dancing and singing and putting their hands up and, oh my god, I thought the bleachers were gonna collapse for a second.

Then it was time for T-ara's real set. Their medley was Lies, I Go Crazy Because Of You, and Bo Peep Bo Peep. I didn't know the first two, and I also didn't know the one they did next, 왜 이러니, but I really liked that one.
They were a whimsical, colourful bunch and reminded me a little of old SHINee. When they had their introduction Eunjeong came on stage and joined the group for a moment. Apparently she has a knee injury these days but they still flew her to Paris smh so she couldn't join the performance.
So out with her and on with Lovey Dovey, another one of the performances I had been looking forward to, and they didn't disappoint.
Sidenote: I NEED that fluorescent orange Adidas by Jeremy Scott cut-out jacket, that the short haired girl is wearing, in my life.

Then came the last Special Stage. Junsu (2PM), Hyeonseong (B2st), Taemin (SHINee) and Kevin (U-Kiss) sang Extreme's More Than Words. I loved the energetic stages with bouncy choreography, but this was the highlight of the show for me.
I got a lump in my throat and my heart was bursting with pride for that kid. Not only the fact that he was chosen to be part of the vocal stage, but also that he did such a good job just made me wanna hug the shit out of him ㅠㅠ He has worked so hard and practiced his ass off, and he fit right in with those other main vocalists.
You did so good, baby 
But actually, they all did really good. I have to say I was surprised by Junsu's voice. It was really good, and all of their accents - even Tae's - could've been a lot worse. But I do suspect that Kevin guy of being American, so less impressed by his English lol
It was the only song where I really wanted big screen pictures cos Tae was standing still and being well-lit and everything should have been perfect. Unfortunately, he chose to close his eyes in 99% of the pictures, but it's okay no not really, baby, my heart will remember.

Next up was another highlight (wait, how many times have I said that by now??), B2st. I know nothing about them, but I like quite a lot of their songs. I've had a live version of Fiction from the October 3rd Gyeongju Hallyu Dream Concert 2011 in my playlist ever since, and I've been dying to hear them live. And once again my high expectations were met.
They opened with a medley of 숨 and Shock, and then played Fiction, and people were going crazy and singing along. Same with their 2nd song, and even though I had never heard Beautiful before, I was singing along, too!

And finally, last but not least, the girls, SNSD. Hubs' highlight, I suspect, since he's Soonkyu biased, but I really like them, too, and I was looking forward to seeing The Boys. Boots, hair, laces galore!
Their medley was 훗 and Gee, and their 1st full number was Mr. Taxi. Usual solid performance, which might sound boring, but it actually wasn't. The girls seemed very chipper and there was even time for a Happy Birthday song for Sooyeong during their ment. Don't know why it ended up being Happy Birthday because I'm pretty sure every one there, being kpop fans and all, knew 생일축하함니다.
They finished with The Boys. With their backs to us and severe mic problems, but it was still good.

And then it was back to the mainstage where everyone else had gathered, ready for the ending. First some MC yapping and then everyone bounced around to Bounce With Me, even SHINee. lol baby's so cute trying to be all gangsta. In his plaid outfit....
Several of the groups went out on the platform during Bounce, but after the song had ended, both 2PM, B2st and U-Kiss went out separately and bowed and said thank you. SNSD just bowed from the main stage, and suddenly the rest just waved and went off stage.
It was a somewhat weird ending because it seemed so completely random and unorganized where as kpop and TV shows are usually so planned out. This just..ended?

But that was that. As soon as U-Kiss had hauled their butts off the stage the house lights came on, and it was thank you and good night. No encores, no nothing, just buh bye. And the crews to take down the stage had already gathered!

When we got outside and walked back towards the bridge across the Seine, we saw a lot of people hanging on the fences and screaming from above the back entrance, so we ran over (and by ran I mean almost crawled cos my feet were seriously killing me by that time) to see, too.
Unfortunately, it was too dark outside for pictures, at least for our cameras, but people were screaming for Tae and we saw both Jong and Key walk to their bus with that manager with the big face, what's-his-name, and Key both waved and smiled at us ^^
We didn't hang around until the bus left because prior experience told us that you can't see anything through those windows anyway, and since I was dying to get out of my boots, we started walking back. However, it took so long that we weren't even halfway across the bridge when they finally left, so in the end we did see the bus leave.

Back at the hotel we were barely inside the elevator before I dropped my boots /throwsfistintheair It was weird to see though, how the tightness of the boots had stopped my feet from swelling. Maybe I should start wearing them more often.

Okay, I'll stop ranting about my feet now. It's the end anyway.

Final random thoughts~
Why is it, that out of all the special stages in the world, Hyuna and Hyeonseung couldn't do Trouble Maker?
Jonghyun was THE biggest cockblock of all time. He insisted on turning his side to the front 80% of the time, and by doing so, blocking out Taemin from my vision. My Jong curse is just never ending.
Last highlight, Key and Tae walking around during Bounce With Me, holding hands 

I wasn't sad like after SMTown, just.....seriously puzzled by the feeling my babies had left me with. The rest of the show and groups were so great and one big pleasant surprise after another, but still, it wasn't hyper adrenaline I was left with.
It was still an overall amazing experience and I'd go again in a heartbeat. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to do so.

The green and yellow bangles are still glowing!

Thank you for reading if you actually did that 

Anyway. About the pictures and videos this time.
The pictures will be in a separate post.
Feel free to share if you find them good enough for that, but DO NOT crop my watermark, DO NOT edit, and please re-up in full size. please credit.

Unfortunately, this is nowhere near the cams from SMTown :(
The HD on the Sonys turned out to be a lot less clear than on the Panasonics, and we were a lot further away. Also, the air was already so filled with smoke when we arrived, that it couldn't help but have an impact from our distance. I don't know what it is about that smoke, but it's fucking annoying. Maybe it's so their light/laser show is more visible? I dunno, but annoying it was.
And despite being made of steel, the bleachers would bounce and sway so much when people jumped and danced around, so even when we were still, it didn't mean a steady cam was guaranteed. We're so getting pit tickets next time.

But it's all full cams and the sound is pretty good compared to a lot of the other stuff I've seen so far, so I guess it's not all bad.

please, DO NOT RE-UPLOAD my cams without my permission, but feel free to spread my youtube links around, preferably with a "do not re-up" note.
and DO NOT crop, edit, gif, or whatever else you can think of that would alter my original material.



  1. Thanks for a wonderful fan account! You have the ability to make me feel like I was there!
    I have to agree, SHINee was a bit lackluster but still great.
    Fancams are pretty awesome too!

  2. You're welcome, baby^^

    Thanks, Stormy :3 I'm glad you enjoyed^^

  3. Awesome fan account and awesome videos! Sad you couldn't get the SMT feeling though :( And Onew ;~; Anyway I'm only interested at Taem here, so your vid is DA BOMB <3 yeahh hahaha! GREAT JOB AND I HOPE YOU ENJOYED WITH YOU HUBBY!