Thursday, 29 September 2011

Version 1

So, remember that not so gorgeous plain white wall I showed you what feels like a million years ago? Actually it was just about 1½ months ago, but time moves fast and I move slow, so I didn't get to show you the finished project until today.

Because the wall is now gorgeous~

Now, I had this plan all along, but as I said life's busy and I'm the hugest procrastinator. Not a very 'go getter' combo, so this took some time.

But then one night the hubby went out to watch football (the real kind, not to be confused with the American version) and I had the whole afternoon/evening to myself, and while avoiding other stuff that needed to be done I suddenly got the great idea to FINALLY finish my wall project!

So this is what hubby came home to~^^

I told you it was gorgeous

And yes, they are picture print-outs because you can't buy a decent poster to save your life! Of course this also means that you can get the exact image you want, and you don't cry blood if it rips or gets creased. Plus, there's more than enough of other stuff to spend money on, but more on that at a later date.

Since I had tons of copies left over I decided to fill out the opposite wall as well!

And yes, yes, on second thought I should've removed my bra before taking this picture, but I was too consumed with getting the picture before I lost the light.

And my beloved chicken, held in my loving arms all the way from Seoul :3 Who knew there's a thing with Taemin and white chicken? Must be fate...
Oh, and I bought it a bookstore! Can you believe they have these sorts of wonderfulness in bookstores over there?! Can you blame me for wanting to go back, really??

PS. No extra points for guessing what's on TV :p

And FYI I lived with hubby's HR Giger posters (yes, those exact 3 posters) for 10+ years so he's more than on board with a little Taem.

I really like the apartment now. Of course as soon as it was all up I wanted to change some out for newer pictures. So we're calling this version 1.


  1. I love your passion for the things you love the most:)

  2. Well, you know. With me it's always all or nothing - for better AND worse! ;p