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∞ my fic rec list ∞

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when I got truly sucked into kpop in the early months of 2011 I had never even heard the words fanfiction, otp, shipping, smut or yaoi, but safe to say that all changed in the blink of an eye.

ever since, I've wanted to make a rec list. why? no clue really, since I hardly know people who actually read fics, and the ones that do, never seem to read the same as me. 
so probably it's mostly for my own benefit, so I can have a place to keep track of everything.

currently the list is SHINee, Infinite, Bangtan, and iKON.

anyway, pointers about my rec list. 
and of course these are generally speaking cos no absolutes without exceptions.

- I like smut. a lot of the fics on this list will have some sort of sex going on. though there'll also be some without, of course.

- and as much as I like smut, I dislike character death, pain and violence, blood, gore, and such. there is a bit here and there, but I never seek it out.
you will also not find vampires, werewolves, tentacles, and other stuff like this here.
and while I do like some dominance in the bedroom, this is not the place for hardcore kinks or tons of full-on BDSM. I'm boring /shrugs

- mpreg. no.

- if people suggest me stuff, or if a writer, whose style I really like, do other pairings, I probably will read, but of my own accord I pretty much only search otp fics. 
sure, I could branch out, but I don't wanna. I've got so little time to read as is, and it takes ages to read through piles of bad ones to get to those few good ones that make it all worth my while.
so I'd rather spend my time hunting for good otp fics than just good fics in general, but I am always open for suggestions! aka pls feel free to rec me stuff ^^

however, I am a very emotional and visual person, so the writing/writing style means a lot to me. I don't need hugely intricate plots. school AU or band fic or whatever, simple is fine with me as long as it's well written.

and by that I mean as a minimum in an English that's readable. I'm not a native English speaker myself so I'm not judging, and I'm not asking for perfect.

I can live with a typo or missed or wrong word here and there, but it can't be to the point where it's distracting me from the story itself. and it can't contain emoticons. cos really.

- generally speaking I will only rec completed fics cos getting hooked on an incomplete that ends up never getting finished is just the abSOLUTE W O R S T. literally. it makes me so upset.

- some of these fics requires you to sign up and subscribe, and others maybe to join a community, but in my opinion, the minutes it takes to make a free account is worth it.
and you can always leave a comm or unsubscribe after you've read if you didn't like, so that shouldn't be an excuse to miss out.

- there won't be summaries for all fics cos.. well, some don't need it cos the title says it all or there isn't really anything to summarize or cos it would spoil too much.

or cos I wouldn't know how to do it justice with only a few words. aka I suck a summaries, I really do. oh god.
you might think "well, why don't you just use the summaries the authors wrote?", and I know a lot of people do that, but since this is my list I want it to be from my pov, if that makes sense?

- when no rating is listed I've guessed for your sake, but that's why some ratings have "?" by them, it's not cos the author wasn't sure.

- the way I name the ships have nothing to do with top/bottom.

besides, one of the things I love about my otps is that, to me, there are no set top/bottom.

- the list is arranged in fandoms by authors, but in no particular order, and will be updated continuously. 

★ SHINee

we'll always have this road trip (KeyTae, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 8368)
summary: something about a road trip.. 
- I can't believe she wrote this for me it will forever be one of my fave fics. not because of that, but because her writing is amazing.

rebel-kid (KeyTae, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 10k+)
summary: Kibum makes a new friend.
- I absolutely love this, it's all kinds of wonderful. I love the way she writes both of them. there are no stereotypical characterizations here.

check out her masterlist for tons of all kinds of SHINee pairings. she does some wicked JongTae.

Off The Tracks 1, 2, 3 (2min, pg-13, one-shot, wc: 24195)
summary: "Once upon a time, there lived a boy who taught another how to love" do you know the movie 늑대소년 (A Werewolf Boy)?
- some say it's better if you haven't watched the movie, and I hadn't but after this I desperately wanted to, and it's one of the best movies I've ever seen. so thanks Rayna, for writing this fic and leading me to silver screen magic.

Middlemen (every possible SHINee pairing?, R, chaptered/complete, wc: 80500+)
- I have had this fic bookmarked for probably 3 years (yes, years) because so many different people have recommended it and talked about it as one of The Greats in SHINee fanfiction. 
but I've been kinda scared to read cos, oh man, this thing comes with a shitload of warnings! drugs, tons of violence and blood and gore, and character death. and lots of SHINee pairings I don't care for.
so maybe it was me getting some distance between me and SHINee that finally made me ready to read, and, wow, 80k may sound like a lot, but it really didn't feel like it! 
I read the whole thing in one go, I just couldn't put it down. 
I got completely sucked into the universe. yes, there is a lot of rough stuff going on, but there is also lots of humour and sexual banter, and suspense, and tons of sex, and love and raw emotions, and tragedy. 
and even thought this is SHINee, it also completely isn't? there is nothing stereotypical about these characters, and I really appreciate that.
I didn't put a summary cos that would be impossible, but think modern gangster movie or something? or maybe not, I dunno, but you have to read this. it's truly an epic fic.
when you read you should use my link to get to the chapters, cos for some reason the "next" at the bottom of chapter parts stop after chapter 7.

✿ voltagequeen:

Mad Boy's Love Song (Taekey, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 7000+)
summary: "Taemin is a solo artist suffering from loneliness, among other things. After meeting a boy backstage one night, he finally starts to feel as if he can take control of his life. Unfortunately, that's not the case."
- almost 6 years later and this is one of the fics that I still remember.

★ Infinite 


I have fallen completely in love with pretty much everything by this writer. the writing style is amazing.

peculiarly, there is a lack of oxygen only around me (Woogyu, r, one-shot, wc: 4388)

summary: in which Woohyun throw caution to the wind in a world full of rules, all for the sake of the new guy.
- one of the first Inpi fics I ever read, and there's something about it that makes me think about it almost every day. it's beautiful, happy, sad, touching, just perfect.

if you love me, you don't love me in a way I understand (Woogyu, nc-17, three-shot, wc: 6638)

summary: in which Woohyun pines, Gyu's in denial, and the rest of the kids think Gyu needs to get laid to cure his foul mood.

... even though you're with another girl (Woogyu, pg-13, one-shot, wc: 2709)

summary: if I add "I'll wait for you" to the title, I think it says it all.

Wanderlust (Woogyu, r, one-shot, wc: 3977)

summary: something is missing and Gyu goes looking for it.
- I have such vivid Jeju memories that goes so well with this, it makes me ache.

MY BED’S A DIFFERENT LAND (Woogyu, nc-17?, sorta animal themed...in a way?, one-shot, wc: 7862)
summary: can a jar of red muddled water really hold the fate of true soulmates?
- I was a little apprehensive about the animal theme thing at first cos I don't enjoy actual animal characters, but this wasn't that so I was good.
I love affectionate, devoted, open and shameless Woohyun, in his own way forcing Gyu to sort himself out.
I love the was this is written, there is so much suspense, and I was holding my breath several times.

there is more at their livejournal and tumblr.

HUBE (Korean original)/Jiwon (Eng trans):
Book Reader 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Woogyu, pg? pg-13?, one-shot split in 5, probably by the translator?, wc: 19670)
summary: "Woohyun’s heart trying its best to naturally express its feelings, and Sunggyu’s heart trying its best to stay hidden… slightly started to clash". in which Woohyun and Sunggyu once again save each other while trying to save themselves.
- THIS FIC ㅠㅠ MY HEART ㅠㅠ this fic is so beautiful, and sad, and joyful, and wonderful, and did I mention beautiful?
because it's a translated fic, but not made too "English speaking", the language is very different and "Korean", but that is part of exactly what makes this so amazing. it's such a different way and word choice than what comes to mind for English speakers, and no doubt some will find it too over the top, but for me it was just perfect and, yes, really beautiful.
you might think that it is somewhat long, but it's an really easy read? I don't know how to explain it, but there's something light about it.

ISS 2012 (I dunno who wrote this)
out of light (Woogyu, "R for sexually suggestive themes", one-shot, wc: 3663)
summary: there's a blackout at the Infinite dorm and Woohyun and Sunggyu just happens to be home alone..
- this always makes me squeal because they're a couple of lovable idiots.

✿ safire:
Rendevouz (Woogyu, m, chaptered/complete)
summary: it's 2020 and Infinite is no more. everyone has moved on. but no matter how much everything change, some things seems to stay the same..
- what's so amazing about this fic, besides the Woogyu part, is the post-Infinite part, the way their story and relationship is told. I assume everyone has their own thoughts on how Inpi is behind closed doors and what they're "really" like, and how the future will unfold for them, but this hits pretty close to home for me. 
or at least pretty close to the pretty fantasy version of mine in which Woogyu is real and all that. I know what will happen, yet this still makes me cry every time I read it, and I think that's pretty cool. don't you love it when stories can still grab you and move you like that, even when it's not your first time reading them?

For... (Woogyu, m, one-shot series/complete)

summary: idolverse one-shots, mostly revolving around Inpi's 2013 events.
only some have smut, but it's all listed in her foreword.
- love, sex, angst, and lots and lots of talking. it's great.
the way she tells the Woogyu love story, and in this case, her take on how these moments went down just makes me an emotional mess. it's so loving and touching and heartbreaking all at once. 
the whole merger thing, I just-.. it might not be how they feel in reality, but a lot of it is exactly how I feel, and so it really hits me hard.
and the last one is just plain torture /reaches for another box of tissues.

Six Senses (Woogyu, pg-13?, chaptered/complete, wc: 12023)

summary: Woohyun ends up in the hospital and Gyu doesn't leave his side, and all of Infinite come together as the family they are.
- even if the plotline itself is a little simple and obvious, the way those days are described, the feelings Gyu go through, the Infinite love, the Woogyu, it's all just so beautiful and touching.

Oneshots (Woogyu, pg to m, one-shot collection)

- lots of contemplating, lots of spooning, lots of talking. basically, lots of every Woogyu thing I love.

✿ AlbinoPeacock:

Hush, Little Hamster (Woogyu, m, one-shot, wc: 3904)
summary: "It's just a simple check-up, a physical for gym class. But the doctor's hands are lingering suspiciously long and Sunggyu doesn't know if he can quiet the noises threatening to burst from his lips" with a twist!
Love Is Blind (Woogyu, m, one-shot, sequel to Hush, Little Hamster, wc: 4115)
summary: in which the film student writes his first script.
- this is completely brilliant and hilarious and hot! cranky, slutty, shameless Gyu and more-than-willing-and-able Namu, I'm in heaven.

✿ typewriter98:

Ambiguity (Woogyu, pg, one-shot, wc: 1300)
summary: Woohyun's sure of a lot of things but Kim Sunggyu..
- I assume my love/hate relationship with angst is apparently by now.
this is not bad, though, I didn't even cry! don't be scared. just read. 

Bangtan ★ 

so apparently my thirst for Jikook fics have led me to ignore my hatred for character death and other horrible stuff cos for some reason people just love to make them hurt, so there are several of these with, um, tragic themes, shall we say?

✿ fearnoworld:
On and Off the Leash, I'm a Beast (Yoonmin, pg, one-shot, wc: 6922)
summary: Jimin takes a shine to the corgi that roams around Bighit Ent., but things are a little more complicated than puppy love.
- this is so cute and a little funny, and I just love sassy Yoongi. it's one of the first Bangtan fics I ever read and I still love it, moreso for the Yoongi/ot7 than the Yoonmin.

Stand By Me (Jikook, NC-17, one-shot, wc: 6706)
summary: Jeongkook thinks he can room alone in the living-room and is less than pleased when Jimin crashes his party, but maybe it's not so bad after all...?
- THIS FIC OH MY FUCK. this was the first Jikook I ever read, brand spanking new to the fandom, and while I never looked back for a second, let's be real, this fic has ruined me. I don't want to but I can't help but hold it to other Jikooks. 
I have no idea how many times I've read this and I just love, love, love it every single time. it's cute, funny, hot, cutehdjfhds 
I absolutely love the characterizations and it's so well-written. I wish he (I think 'he'?) would write more Jikook or at least more Bangtan, but I think he sorta moved on? idk but I will forever cherish this as one of my all-time favourite fics, it's

the top secret shitty porn post ((female) you x Bangtan members, nc-17, drabbles compilation)
summary: basically pwp collection of you getting it on with every single member of Bangtan - and one with Zico of Block B. read or skip. your choice.
- nothing earth shattering, but the last one's nice.
and personal sap moment: I read this the same day as Stand By Me, and it's sorta fun to remember these and know exactly where and when it started. I have no clue what I read first with any of my other fandoms so Bangtan is also special in this regard. okay moving on.

Trouble In Paradise (Namjoon-centric!ot7 with budding Namjin, pg, one-shot, wc: 15771)
summary: a change in Bangtan's concept creates a shift that sends things going down hill fast. but maybe a shift is not all bad..?
- I'm not gonna lie, before I started reading I hadn't noticed the Namjin tag or I would have probably skipped this fic cos I really don't enjoy that pairing. but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is actually pretty minor in the grand scheme of the fic. it is the main relationship but at the same time it's not cos the main relationship is Bangtan's? I'm not sure what I mean by that but if you read I think you will understand.
I like when characters are not the same old boring usual shit, when there's a bit of drama and emotion, and a plot I don't feel like I've ever read before in any variation and that's definitely true for this fic.

✿ syn2554:
My Favourite Sunbae (Jikook, m, three-shot, wc: 16600+)
summary: first kiss, first drink, first time. there's a lot of firsts in this for Jeongkook and Jimin is part of every one of them.
- oh my god I don't know what it is about this fic. it's written in the 1st person, the plot is very basic and nothing new, the writing uses several phrases/words that make me cringe a bit, yet I just love this fic??? ?? it's very..sweet and innocent and a little different from how the sex usually goes? I'm??? there's something about Jeon's character idk..

✿ mindheist:
this. writer. is. so. damn. g o o d. everything is so well-written, her words are so filled with beauty and tenderness and despair and love and desire, and most of it is really long to boot and hot af. I'm in love.

Terrible Things Happen (Sometimes They Save You) (Taekook, ot7, m, "American Horror Story Coven au", warlocks and such au, one-shot, wc: ~58000)
- honestly, I don't even know where to start with this one without giving too much away. how to summarize almost 58k in a sentence or two, it's just not possible. 
short of mpreg, this has about all the warnings that usually makes me stay away. magical au stuff, character death, blood, violence, you name it. but it's Taekook. and really really long so I peeked, and I was immediately hooked. 
it's so weird and twisted and complicated (at least to my brain, don't judge), but SO well-written that it was impossible to stop. I might have only gotten the full complexity of the plot on the second read, but the Taekook, the Bangtan, it was all perfect right off the bat and I just devoured the whole thing in one go.
oh, and I know nothing about American Horror Story, but like the note says, it's not necessary to know to read the fic, so don't let that stop you from reading this amazing story.
like Stan By Me it's definitely a fave.

Melt In Your Mouth (Not in Your Hands) (maknae line, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 7390)
summary: "what happens at a rave stays at a raveexcept this one." /SLAMS HAND DOWN ON THE TABLE
- I am a Bangtan maknae line whore, and this is basically my maknae line wet dream come true, I couldn't be happier. and Jeon is a slut t e a s e hhNNG 
other than that, this is exactly what you're imagining. hot as fuck. please read. 

Rich Bitch (Taekook, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 28654)
summary: in which six figure making Jeongkook and struggling art student Taehyung get shoved in each others direction thanks to a little app, a little fate, and a little Park Jimin. little pjm. see what I did there? har har
- good god I love this fic so much. there's humour, angst, drama, and the sex is hot and emotional, what's not to love, really? 

it's so well-written, I was an emotional wreck over this fic and it took me forever to finish cos at some point I could sorta see where things were headed and I just didn't wanna read it. but of course I did and then I started reading again all over right away cos I didn't want it to be over. so so good.

The Ocean at the End of the Universe (Jikook, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 13252)
summary: "In this wide, wide universe two boys from Neptune meet in toxic orange skies and for the first time in centuries, people remember why Venus was the ancient Earthling goddess of love"Taehyung and Jimin are in space aviation school and Jeongkook is the new kid. 
- I didn't expect to fall this hard for this story cos I was actually really reluctant to start it to begin with. I am not a fan of sci-fi, and there was a blood warning, but it's Jikook and I am so so. so. weak. 
and it is mindheist, I don't know why I ever fought it. 
and it's another maknae line fic and I just love the way mindheist writes them, their dynamics, even when it's in different fics, so much. I love the way there's humour without it turning comical and ruining the overall mood.

You're My Genie, Lamborghini (You're My Teeny Weeny Meenie) (Jikook, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 7819)
summary: in which a few social apps help hot young dance master, Jeon Jeongkook, and equally hot though not as young gym rat, Park Jimin, get together. 
and Taehyung..well, Taehyung is Taehyung, a supporting roommate and happy supplier of both Trojans and advice.
- this fic is sooo good and cute and funny, and all the visual aids are such a great idea for a thing like this! normally I'm not a big fan of putting stuff like this in fics cos a lot of people can't seem to balance it when they do, but for this it was so cleverly done and fit perfectly. I absolutely love this fic.

Watcher of the Eternal Flame (Ji..Ji? idk Jimin/Seokjin, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 16711)
summary: Jimin, Taehyung, and Jeongkook go to Rio for the Olympics, all chasing those priceless gold medals, and all possibly coming away with something far more valuable.
- I just realized I never put this fic on my list and it is one of the biggest mistakes ever, I love this fic so much.
I've read it countless times, and if you know me, that might come as somewhat of a surprise, considering the main pairing. I will admit that on rereads I breeze by the Jiji smut, but I think it's only one scene in the entire fic (unless I've blocked out the others?), and the rest completely overshadows my discomfort of that one moment.
the Jiji relationship is a major focal point, but the story is very Jimin-centric, and I just love Jimin so much.
it's funny, and intense, and angsty, and very moving at times, and overall it's just very maknae line based. and Yoongi. Yoongi is there, too.
I Try To Picture Me Without You (But I Can't) (Taekook, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 15272)
summary: in which Taekook tries to figure out what they mean to each other. it's a bumpy ride..
- Taekook parallel to Watcher of the Eternal Flame. 
this is by another writer, Nikkumeul, and a lot more angst and drama, but equally good.

Give Me Your Hands (I Will Pick the Stars for You) (Taekook, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 15519)
summary: Where there is a Sun, there is a Moon. There is a me. 
did you ever look up at the sky and wonder how it came to be? with it's blazing, bright sunlight and twinkling sea of glittering stars. if so, sit back and let Namjoon tell you how.
- this is such a beautiful, dramatic, angst-filled tale of pure, destined love laced with heartbreak and sacrifice. 

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go (Taekook, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 20271)
summary: Taehyung, literally, falls for Jeongkook, so when Jimin and Hoseok surprise set them up, concocting an elaborate fake dating plan seems like the brilliant way to pull one over on them as revenge, Taehyung thinks. maybe he should have kept thinking... or maybe not?
- college au with love, sex, and drama. and Jimin. I am in heaven. 
the cuteness of Taekook getting to know each other, and the way the story slowly heads towards what we all can tell is a fall, the angst, the Jimin (oh, the Jimin ㅠㅠ), the breath of relief, it's all so captivating.
there is a sequel and a companion to that sequel, that you should also definitely read if you like this one!

In The Blind (Taekook, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 9622)
summary: his love for Taehyung makes Jeongkook make a deal with death, but you should never do that cos death takes no pleasure in its job, but it’s a job that must be done.
- this is a grim reaper au, and there is (sorta) character death, but somehow Jimin makes even that seem not scary or creepy at all. it is a sad story, but despite everything I didn't find it completely devastating, and I'm pretty sure it's because of Park Jimin.

✿ hoshiww:
The Space Between 11.59 and Midnight (Jikook, m, one-shot, wc: 1720)
- basically 1720 words of purple prose to beautifully describe the way Jimin is so head over heels for Jeongkook, craves him to the point where not even Jeon may be enough to sate his desire, and I absolutely love every word. 
I understand that this kind of writing is not for everyone, and it is a lot compared to a lot of the other more straight-forward stuff I read, but my thirst for Jikook is like Jimin's for Jeon in this. it can never be too much, I can never have enough, so for me this is just perfect.
and it has a kind of...hmm angsty feel to it at the same time? or..I don't know, I can't put my finger on it exactly, but I felt it right from the start. there's definitely something that gives it some feel of urgency or desperation, even? 

✿ 10-nim:
Cognomen Conflict (Taekook, r, one-shot, wc: 2197)
summary: a daring game to settle a discussion about whose last name to use. and a sleepy Min Yoongi.
- this little fic is so cute, I wanna squee!!! it's adorable and funny, and Yoongi always make me laugh because I can totally picture this.

✿ Arashika:
Black Couches (Yoonmin, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 2300)

summary: in which Jimin's a model who likes to eye-fuck the camera. and the photographer. 
- honestly, Yoonmin is not for me (except for corgi!Yoongi), but I read this per recommendation and I have no idea why this is different to me, but it is, so here we are.

✿ lazychaoz:
Sweet Holiday (Taekook, pg, drabble, wc: 1124)
summary: skipping school turns out a whole lot different than expected with the introduction of one Kim Taehyung.
- another cute, little story. it's sweet and light and Jeon being infatuated with Taehyung just always brings a smile to my face. it's the cutest thing asdfhjgdjg
as usual I would have liked it to be longer, but for a drabble it's not too bad.

✿ wordcouture:
this writer is self-proclaimed Jikook trash. and amazing. her words are so beautiful and poetic, and she can get to me with only a few of them which makes me love her long stuff that much more. she moves and touches me like I don't think any other writer have, she's gentle and articulate, even when she's dirty, and I would happily pay for her writing. 
I have no idea how she picked 'wordcouture', but she is exactly that to me.
/gurgles. just.

Catch (Jikook, pg-13, one-shot, wc: 2437)
summary: Jeon has something to say, but he's really not great with that whole word thing.
- THIS FIC HAS ME BITING MY HANDS SO HARD like, seriously, I feel like screaming every time I read it. I just wanna grab Jeon and shake him!!! it's so cute and sweet and just- I'm surprised I have any teeth left. ugh my heart.

Soul-tied (Jikook, pg-13, one-shot, wc: 1993)
summary: in which soulmates have their last words to each other tattooed on their bodies and the constant reminder terrifies Jeongkook. 
- ugh this just tears at my feels. I don't know why I angst so much cos fuck. I just wanna hug my babies forever ㅠㅠ

Seaside (Jikook, pg, drabble, wc: 959)
summary: "love the sea, and it loves you back".
- somebody get me more tissues. I'm gonna dehydrate at this rate. why do you do it, Mia, whY???

Faeth (Jikook, pg, one-shot, wc: 2288)
summary: "where do butterflies go at sunset? do fireflies shine in the daylight?".
- I did say that Jikook has led me to unprecedented amounts of horrible stuff, but as I'm listing it out, maybe it's mainly this writer?! damn her beautiful writing skills and my weakness for Jikook cos wHY SO MUCH ANGST MY HEART CAN'T TAKE IT. somebody hold me.

Home (Jikook, pg, one-shot, wc: 1494)
summary: cuddles. lots of cuddles.
- YES GOOD CUDDLES. god, I love this kind of Jikook fluff where it's just a lot of being and feeling and sensing and enjoying each other, all mixed with just a little bit of grumpus!Jeon and eye-smiling!Jimin /dies happy.

Practiced (Jikook, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 2997)
summary: Jikook discovers that maybe being the last two staying late at the practice room isn't such a bad thing..
- oh god yes.

Dirty Laundry (Jikook, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 2701)
summary: Jeongkook hates doing laundry, but Jimin finds that the wait until the cycle's finished can be put to good use.
- washing machine sex is the best. trust me.

Star Boards (Jikook, pg-13, one-shot, wc:10751)
summary: in which Jimin dreams of stars and seeing the world, and Jeon is okay with anything as long as he can sleep in Jimin's bed at night. but not all things go according to plan when ot7 sail the seven seas..
- the fact that this was a 10+k part of The Grand Jikookathon had me positively vibrating before even starting this, and it did not disappoint. it's beautiful and funny, and I cried myself to sleep that night, Oh God.

Officially (Jikook, nc-17, two-shot, wc: 4727)
summary: Jeongkook gets a new job and it soon turns out to come with unexpected perks.
- ugh this is so hot, it's making me angry. I'm so whipped for domineering-but-affectionate!Jeon and pliable-eager!Jimin. it's all very upsetting.

Sleep Less (Jikook, pg, one-shot, wc: 1010)
summary: Jimin has nightmares and Jeongkook lends a comforting embrace.
- this is so sweet and beautiful and makes my heart fell too big for my chest. I love these kinds of late night, hushed scenes of Jikook just loving and appreciating each other.

Measure (95line, pg, one-shot, wc: 1465)
summary: Jimin has questions, and Taehyung have answers.
- cos 구오즈 is just too fucking adorable, I just wanna hug them all day.

To The Beat (Sugamon, pg-13, one-shot, wc: 2472)
summary: and so it begins.
- banterrr. I love this. actually, I love reading Yoongi, and if people would just stop having him shove his dick up Jimin I would definitely be reading more Yoongi. Min Yoongi <3

Wonder (Jikook, pg-13, two-shot, wc: 7604)
summary: in which all of humanity abandons what's left of Earth to settle on other stars. or, well, almost all..
- this was so hard to get through, dear loRD. at one point I thought I was gonna trigger a migraine cos my temples were throbbing so hard from crying. but it's so beautiful and tragic and ow, my heart.
and I haven't read The Little Prince in a million years but I'm gonna go reread right now. I have a feeling I'll be crying again soon..

Walking Worlds (Jikook (pup!Jimin), pg?, one-shot, wc: 7427)
summary: "no matter how much you love me, I'll always, always love you more" you know how they say that dogs are man's best friend? Jeongkook agrees.
- of course it hurts when true love is torn apart. ... you know what that means, right? ㅠㅠ

Bloodbonds (95line/Jikook, one-shot, nc-17, wc: 2024)
summary: when Jimin said he would love Taehyung forever, had he really meant it? cos how long can you live in a world without colours. life after death is indeed a cruel circle.
- this makes me so :((((( I really like the story line, but angst always pains me.

Creatures Such As We (Jikook, pg-13, one-shot, wc: 11812)
summary: it's just supposed to be a short, four day repair visit to the space station where Jeongkook is stationed, but Jimin still manages to come in and wash over Jeongkook with smiles and warmth and laughter and love, and all the things Jeongkook had forgotten how to do.
and once found, he is willing to wait for them, but for how long...?
- this is the kind of steamrolling Park Jimin amazingness fics that I just love so so much. when he just crashes into Jeon's heart, just as he did mine, with the force of his natural Jimin-ness, so strong, that there is no fighting against it.
and at the same time it has that air of..of angst, of something looming, of this-is-too-good-to-be-true..

she has a lot more Jikook, and other Bangtan fics, than what I've listed here, so go check out her masterlist if you wanna! and give her some love, she deserves it <3

✿ Alison:
Winner Takes All (and the vibrator remote) (Jikook, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 1351)
summary: Jimin has horrible game luck.
- /makes noise I would read actual fics of all those games.
Kitty, Start Purring (Jikook, nc-17, pwp, one-shot, sequel to Winner Takes All, wc: 1637)
summary: “I want to see you in a collar and cat ears and a tail.” cos Jimin has horrible game luck. 
- meow.

✿ Wowoashley:
Let Me Know (Taekook, nc-17, three-shot, wc: 24711)
summary: Jeongkook finds himself in a crisis of sexuality when Taehyung, too-often-shirtless new neighbour, proves hard to shake, and against better judgment Taehyung volunteers to help him sort out his feelings despite his own heart being on the line.
- AND DRAMA ENSUES. I think this is the first time I've read a fic with this theme? which is a little surprising to me, actually, but usually the whole gay/straight issue is a non-issue. and I like that, it's as it should be, but maybe that's why I found it interesting with a well-written fic tackling this. 
and there's a lot of unusual emotions in this compared to what I otherwise come across in fics. 
and my heart broke for Taehyung when I first read this.
and I think you should totally read it.

Love, Actually (Jikook, pg, one-shot, wc: 2480)
summary: Jeongkook's not in love and his heart is definitely not breaking when Jimin leaves to pursue his dream in LA cos Jeongkook. is. not. in love.
- baby boy ㅠㅠ

Maybe We Found Love (Right Where We Are) (Taekook, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 29477)
summary: college AU in which chemistry enthusiast and founder of the tumblr jeongguksthighs, Kim Taehyung, changes the tumblr to a G-Dragon blog after he suddenly gets to meet the owner of said thighs, idol Jeon Jeongkook, cos he turns out to be an ass, or, as Taehyung quickly dubs him, a trash baby.
unfortunately, things have to go and get complicated when said trash baby suddenly finds himself thirsting greatly cos how do you get someone who seemingly hates your guts to agree to hook up let alone fall in love with you? thank god Jimin has a lot of ideas.
- god I love this story. it's filled with bitchy maknae line banter, angst, beautiful emotional sex, I love Taekook's characters, and I really like Yoongi. he's not there much, but he's got a nice, caring, subtle presence.

The Moon And The Stars (Are Nothing Without You) (Taekook, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 19179)
summary: college AU in which theater major, Taehyung, struggles with getting over the past when he finds himself crushing hard on the hot stranger who wouldn't give him a high five.
and things actually don't get easier when said hot stranger crushes back cos Taehyung 'is not worthy', as he keeps telling himself, and how is he supposed to get over his crush and move on without getting hurt now??
- I love this story so much. it's like I said op top, simply plotted, funny, bantering, emotional college AUs is literally what I live for, and if they're as long and well-written as this and Maybe We Found Love, I can die happy. 
I get so easily sucked into the universe and I don't know what it is, but I love these every day stories that are just about classes and studying and friends and eating and hanging out and being silly cos you've got butterflies over hot boys. I would happily read 200k of that to be honest.

You Are My Sunshine (My Only Sunshine) (95line, nc-17, three-shot, wc: 7218)
summary: Jimin and Taehyung used to be inseparable until Taehyung lost his head and heart to someone else. years have passed and when Jimin returns to Seoul, tentative hearts decide to stop wondering what could have been, and start finding out.
- this fic is an exception to me. I don't really like 95line smut and I never seek it out, but I do absolutely love 95line so when this author brought it along I had to give it a try. the plot is predictable, but Jimin is so beautifully written, I really love it, and the smut, too.

Hold Me Tight (Hug Me) (95line, m, two-shot, NOT COMPLETE (see note), wc: 6847)
note! this is supposedly only chapter 1 out of 2, but for some reason I always felt like that was kind of a mistake? lol at least I did not even notice it was a one-shot until I had read it several times cos it just works so well as a one-shot. so don't let the incomplete stop you from reading this.
summary: aka the five times taehyung spells jimin's name is wrong and the one time he does not.
- YELLS THIS IS SUCH A CUTE FIC. Taekook are hilarious and dorky, and 95line are adorable. lots of banter and silly maknae line stuff, it's everything I love so much.

And I Want You (Do You Want Me Too?) (Taekook, nc-17, one-shot, wc:6900)
summary: Jeon is really shy and quiet, Taehyung not so much. an unexpected game of Truth and Dare seems to break the dam, though, and suddenly they are more alike than either of them had thought.
don't you just love a fic that makes you literally bite your hands and roll on your bed because it is just that good?! or am I the only one who can get that excited and drawn in by fics? lol maybe, but this definitely did it, it's so good (even if Jeon's shift in comfort level is a bit abrupt).
and hot. jesus, fuck me, this type of Jeon in the bedroom has me opening my legs as I read.

✿ Monsterplaza:
Detonate Me, Granulate Me (Kill Me Like An Animal) (maknae line, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 47502)
summary: in which feline!Taekook and puppy!Jimin fight hard alongside the rest of ot7 to save the world. that is, when they're not busy fucking each other's brains out.
- that was an absolute shit summary that absolutely does not do this fic justice, but I have no idea how to describe it better without giving things away that I think shouldn't be spoiled.
this fic is nothing short of amazing. first of all, the concept of almost 48k maknae line nc-17 makes me vibrate right off the bat, okay? I live for shit like this.
the the plethora of known side characters had me a little apprehensive when I started out cos I hate when writers just add random kpop people from all over the place instead of just naming side characters with unknown names, but for some reason it worked in this. it felt like there were given some thought to who was gonna take on what role, instead of just randomly spurting names when a new character was introduced. 
but I think the main reason that made me start on this was, what I now hands down admit, a thing for kitty!Jeon with ears and tail. WHICH IS REALLY WEIRD COS I REALLY DON'T LIKE CATS, but that is hot.
hot sex, catchy plot, well-written, what's not to love?

✿ friday:
Good Times (Taegi, pg, one-shot, wc: 2305)
summary: no one else is available, so, reluctantly, Yoongi lets Taehyung tag along on his quick midnight snack run to the convenience store. but maybe it's not so bad after all...?
- I absolutely do not ship Taegi in the least romantic way, and I think this is only like the second Taegi fic I've ever read, but this write wrote two amazing iKON fics, so when I saw there was a Bangtan one, too, I had to check it out. and here we are.
it's not a long fic or super complicated, and I feel like it's more of a bromance feel than anything relationshippy? it's just a really feel good, cute, sometimes silly, little story.

✿ minverse:
Jammed (95line, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 11058)
summary: on the way to Yoongi and Hoseok's wedding, thanks to a snowstorm, Jimin gets stuck on the interstate. 
enter Kim Taehyung, the weird stranger in the yellow van beside him, who offers Jimin warmth, shitty booze, and to show him what life on the bottom is like.
- I love this story. it's so full of humour and sass and Taehyung, all things I love so much.
and it's long, but it doesn't feel long at all.
and while 95line getting it on still doesn't do much for me, I didn't mind it much here.
oh, and the d/s tag is literally just some very light spanks, so nothing much to be scared of there.

✿ bonnia:
The Waiting Game (Jikook, nc-17, two-shot, wc: 6819)
summary: In which Jimin is a prostitute and Jungkook is his favourite customer.
- this just ripped my heart apart. I tried to explain why, but I keep deleting what I write cos it only makes sense in my head. just know that I love Park Jimin with every cell of my being. I don't ever want him to think or feel even a fraction of this, he's too utterly perfect for that.

iKON ★ 

✿ shikae: 
Trip Easy (3Kim, pg-13, one-shot, wc: 15671)
summary: during WIN days, besides the competition and the pressure and the loss, a conflicted Jiwon struggles with the tricky that is polyamorous 3Kim.
- 3Kim will always be my iKON weak spot, I love them so much. 
this is contemplative and emotional and tender, and they're so well-written.
and I have a soft spot for WIN, and just reading that finale part about Climax made me teary ㅠㅠ

Absolutely (double B, nc-17, one-shot, wc: 4395)
summary: “If you don’t say anything idiotic in the next one minute, I’ll suck you off. That sound like a good plan to you?” says Hanbin instead, and Bobby chooses that moment to shut up. “Great.” 
drunk hook-ups with your best friend really isn't the best idea. ...or is it..
- the fic that officially made me double B trash. help.

✿ friday:
Can't Stay Away (double B, pg, one-shot, wc: 5474)
summary: Hanbin's mad at him, this much Jiwon knows for sure. what he doesn't know is why. it doesn't bother him much until it does.
- I really love this fic. I love the way they're written, I love the dynamic between them, the love. 
the way Hanbin is a stubborn, passive-aggressive ass, and the way Jiwon is too much heart and too little front to not let it get to him eventually.

Sing With Me Somehow (double B, pg, one-shot, wc: 3284)
summary: in which Hanbin tries to come to terms with his loss and Jiwon's wins on SMTM.
- I think the reason I love this fic so much, is that one of my fave things is contemplative!Hanbin cos he is most definitely a kid who's very much in his head. 
I actually still haven't watched SMTM cos as much as I love double B, I'm not quite ready to watch Hanbin lose..

 honourable mention to Hazellicious

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