Monday, 16 December 2013

131127+28 London for Infinite "One Great Step"

as usual, this is a personal travel account, not an ordinary whatever that means fanaccount, so if you just wanna see my cams and pics, feel free to scroll way down cos I like to talk a lot.

since this world tour was announced on June 10th and it was revealed that Infinite would come to Europe, I've had a stress knot in my stomach every time I've thought about ticketing for this cos it would have killed me to finally have them this close, and not be able to go.

in the world tour teaser Woollim only mentioned London and Paris, but a tour pass from the opening concert in Seoul showed Frankfurt as a 3rd Euro date, so up until the details for the other Euro dates were released we thought we'd have to budget with three trips. but not a peep about Frankfurt were ever heard so it obviously got cancelled for whatever reason. /sadface

I was on late post-op, and full-on wedding mode when details for the tickets were finally released and of course it was at the exact time where I had to set up for the wedding orz but not only that, the tickets for both London and Paris went up on the same time -.-
fortunately that all got sorted cos London announced pre-sale on the day before so we went with that. I still had to re-schedule wedding prep to get the Paris tickets, though.

ticketing days were a complete nightmare. when I say that, I mean more than usual and that's saying a damn lot!
for London we wanted to see if we could get Platinum tickets cos seats on front row on balcony would have been ideal video conditions, but the site was a mess and without a proper seating map we ended up accidentally buying seats on 4th row. goddammit. and they were freaking £147,50, each! goddammit.
so we figured we'd sell the seats, and also bought Early Entry floor tickets for ourselves. they did include merchandise goodie bag, but they were £165 + £15 booking fees/each. godfuckingdammit.

for Paris, you got re-routed to another server and it kept going down because of heavy traffic and everything stalled, and they didn't offer the Early Entry tickets we wanted, and everything got released, like, 40 mins late or something, what the fuck?!
and hubs had work and I had a wedding and there we were, just looking frustrated at 2 crashing computer screens UGH.
in the end we both had to leave, so we just bought regular floor tickets (€94,5 + €8 booking fee/each) when we finally got through, instead of hanging around, waiting for Early Entry. of course they released Early Entry l i t e r a l l y when we clicked "buy" on regular tickets.

but we got all our tickets!!!! \o/ cue stress.

we spend a lot of time finding the cheapest way for us to do this. with two concerts that close together, maybe it would be cheaper to make a round-trip instead of two return-trips.
turns out , though, that nothing is more expensive than a one-way ticket not even the concert tickets! so in the end we bought a trip for each. yay more flying. . . .

however, unlike the other times, cos we had already spent so much on the tickets, I agreed to the cheaper, but more stressful option of having to fly in on the actual concert days. cue more stress.
in the end it also became a matter of how much time off from work hubs could get, and, again cos we had spent so much on tickets, I was also dead set on saving where ever possible to increase the chance of making it to Korea next summer.

the following month we made all the effort in the world to get those stupid Platinum tickets sold, but apparently, no one else were stupid enough to buy tickets at that price. can't really say I blame them -.-
in the end, we cut the price down to £100/each, and a Danish girl finally offered to buy one. I wanted to smother her in kisses cos at this point I was just grateful for any amount we could get back.
but I was actually also really happy someone would get to enjoy the seats cos I never believed they were bad seats, just bad for filming cos you don't know if the person in front of you will be twice your height with big hair. or a big screamer -.- and since you can't move away from that, it would have been too risky.
(if you wonder why I prioritize filming over probable good seats, I give a very bad explanation at the end of my Paris OGS post)
it was her first kpop concert ever, and in the end I was also really excited cos I just knew it was gonna be an awesome intro to kpop concerts ^^

Platinum tickets turned out to be delayed, so in the end we would have to meet her in London with the ticket, and I was extremely grateful she trusted us enough to book plane and hotel and just, make a whole journey without really knowing if we were just big liars and she would be stranded in London with no ticket. of course she hadn't paid us anything yet, but still.. T____T Michelle 사랑해❤

as D-Day approached I was getting more and more asdfghjkl, and five days before I injured my back playing super heroes and airplanes with my nephew, and, literally, up until the day before we had to leave, I could barely get out of bed by myself. so if I wasn't stressing already over everything else... goddammit.
the night before I couldn't fall asleep cos freaking out over flying, and being everywhere on time, and would I even be able to make it through the whole thing with my back, and would we be able to get our tickets, and just omFG-I'm-actually-gonna-see-Gyu-in-person-again-and-my-babies-and-somebody-hold-meeeeee jitters, and my hands wouldn't stop shaking.
eventually, hubs and Jeremy Clarkson got me calmed down so we did get a few hours in the end.

the next day we made it to the airport on time with our tickets damn SMTown have me scared for life, and just grabbed a quick noodle box for brunch.

the weather in London was so much better than the cold, windy DK, and I never took out my winter coat from the suitcase.
the hotel was in a really nice area.

as soon as they turned on the lights after the dark, their decorations looked super tacky.

the room itself turned out to be the smallest one we've ever stayed in so far, and that's saying a damn lot. I could barely squeeze my ass around the bed -.-

I had sorta calculated in my head that we would be able to take a little break in the room before we had to leave to meet Michelle at the venue.
however, the night before I had pre-ordered Turningpoint's Gyu photobook and calendar (cos only £30 and no shipping \o/), but when we landed she had tweeted that pick-up was at the venue from 1:30 to 4, and we didn't check in at the hotel until 3:15 so suddenly we had to rush.

but we did have to get a little something before we left cos no more noms for the rest of the day, so we quickly ate the pasties we bought at the station.
pasties became the official food for this trip. we also had little pasties bites at the airport while we waited for the train to London, and again the next day for lunch before we had to board.

dunno why the coconut pretzel looks like a creepy happy face

then we headed for the tube and Hammersmith, but in the end it was too tight, and we ended up missing Turningpoint :(
but she's going to Paris, too, so gonna catch her there instead cos we're landing earlier than for London.

we arrived around 4:20, and at this time the entire area in front of Apollo was already almost full.


Michelle got a little lost on the way so she was delayed, too, so we went to get our tickets while we waited. turned out the Early Entry tickets still hadn't arrived.....
so we got Michelle's ticket, and then had to just hang around and wait for the lady with our own tickets to arrive.

we went off to the side of the building so I could put my heels on in stead of my flipflops cos I figured it would be difficult to get room enough for that once we were in line.

then we met with Michelle and got her her ticket, and then we went to the queue for early entry, and just stood by the barricade and chatted for a while, cos Michelle had to queue in the regular line.

and suddenly, out of nowhere, there was Miranda!!!!!!! 8D she had early entry, too, and I had tried scanning the crowd for her whenever we walked around, but she's tiny harhar plus a ton of brown-haired girls, so I hadn't been able to spot her, but luckily she saw me!! or rather hubs' tall, balled head, as she said LOL

♥ baby my love beautiful~~♪

we all chatted for a while, then Michelle went to queue, and we just hung out with Miranda for almost an hour while people kept passing us in line. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT COS MIRANDA ❤
besides, this was early entry line, and since we're not interested in getting up front anyway, we didn't care.

Miranda said she was all the way up almost at the front of the queue, only maybe...25 people or so in front? she had been here since 1pm, but some of her friends (or maybe just one? I can't remember) had been here since 6am, but there were girls who had been there since both 3am and even 9pm the night before. like, why would you even do that.. in a place this size, if you're just within the first 20-30-40 people you'll still be able to get front and center place..

anyway, before she went back to her place in the queue, she tortured me with more stories and pics from the airport the day before, where the lucky fart just happened to be flying in a little before the boys so she waited around and saw them all up-close, like, front row of the hoard that surrounded them when they came out.
of course she didn't grope them or anything, but she was almost flushed against Dongwoo's body, and Gyu walked right past her.

by the time Miranda left, we figured there was probably around a little more than an hour before we would be let in, and that's a short wait but I was so impatient this time, that even though there were lost of people to look at, and it was indeed a short wait, it was excruciating gaaaah.

we spent the time observing 1) how the general cue just got longer and longer, and in the end snaked all around the Apollo and several hundred meters down the road past us. a group of girls that ended up right besides us, turned out to be the same girls we had queued with for Big Bang. what a small world sometimes..
and 2) Korean Infinite staffers! Miranda told us that the back end of our queue was right by the back entrance, and that Jay Park had used this way in when he came here.
so when several Koreans with back stage passes around their necks kept coming out and looking down the road, and hanging around, texting and looking at their watches, we were hoping that maybe it meant something exciting was gonna happen!

it didn't. but we did see, what we later found out was a group of cancer patients who had a backstage audience with the boys before the concert, go in and we were like, "hmmm I wonder who they are since they get to go backstage..".

in the end, I do think we ended up getting let in a little later than the expected 7pm cos it was super rushed, and we didn't even have time to get our jackets in our bag and to the cloakroom before the staff had been over to rush us twice!
as a result hubs forgot to take out his earplugs from his jacket pocket, but fortunately they had time to let him dig them out and go back in.

as soon as we stepped into the concert hall, I knew this place was gonna be absolutely perfect. the floor is so slanted that even in the middle of the room it was easy to have an unobstructed view of the stage.

yes hubs is wearing Gangnam Style tshirt yet again but it's the only yellow he has lol

at this point only early entry was in, and they took up only maybe the front fourth or fifth of the room, and even though general admission was a larger group, at this point I was pretty sure we were gonna have lots of space. I even said to hubs, if it stayed like this, with meters of free room around us, I was gonna cry. it did and I did, but for other reasons, though.

sidenote: I wasn't sure if I wanted to say anything, but in the end I'm just really frustrated, so I'm gonna. plus my stats (I'm not just fishing for pity >_>) tell me no one really reads this anyways, so who cares what I say.
yes, while I might have had the time of my life, the pit at OGS London was absolutely horrifying. people getting pushed, hit, trampled, choked, passing out, dehydrating, screaming and crying, and for the most part people being selfish bitches with no care or respect for others.

and while it did surprise me how particularly disgusting it was that night, it didn't? why do you think I never storm in and push forward?
people are always puzzled when I'm willing to pay for Early Entry, but then hang back once inside, but do you really think I wanna be a part of all that? do you really think I'm willing to pay all that money to almost fight for my life for four hours, just cos it would be closer to oppars? gurl you must be trippin.

I am willing to pay all that money cos I want a night full of memories that are made unforgettable by music and dancing and smiles and cuteness and love, not by how I feared for my life or got beaten up or couldn't focus on the stage and performances every single second because of the people around me.
I am willing to pay all that money cos I want a good spot where I can be free to cherish those few precious hours in the presence of some of the people I love most in the world, and not worry about anything else but taking them all in as much as possible.

so I happily pay Early Entry when possible, at least when I don't know the venue beforehand, so I can find me that perfect center spot in peace, and so far this strategy has only resulted in perfect memories, at least for me.
of course, everyone's priorities are different, and I'm not saying that there weren't people in the pit who had the time of their lives (I know some who did), and I'm not saying I'm not jelly of those who get fanservice up front, but at the same time it's not guaranteed and I'm not willing to wager my once-in-a-lifetime live experience for it.

I digress.

it frustrates me when the people who seem to be heard the most about how OGS was, are people who went into a huge mob of oppar-crazed teens/post-teens, and expected, what, a night of polite, respectful behaviour, of course didn't get it, and then go howling about how "OGS sucked" when maybe, what sucked the most is that they weren't able to predict at least a little more accurately what "pit" would entail...

some might argue it's the lack of experience, but I dunno, for me, this could be at least somewhat expected with a little sense and thinking things through. when you know how people are just online, you think they're gonna be all adult about it when oppar's suddenly right in front of them?

of course you can never predict to a T how exactly a given pit is gonna be, but how anyone can think it's not gonna be at least tough as shit is beyond me. I dunno, maybe I'm the senseless one here. that's probably it..

I'm just frustrated cos one of the most beautiful nights of my life is getting a bad rep /sulks

but mostly, I'm frustrated cos I feel so fucking awful when I think about how it must be for the boys to be up on that stage, putting on a heartfelt, positive show, and at the same time having to look out and see girl after wrecked, passed out girl getting pulled out of the crowd.
when several of the boys continuously comments to the crowd about it, it just breaks my heart, and I doubt the slight lackluster in some of them were all just fatigue cos how could a sight like that not get to you.

what an impression to leave the boys with..

anyway, sidenote over, and back to my happy experience.

I had memorized the setlist on the plane, so I knew when I could safely give my arms and back a rest, but in the end I think I ended up filming almost the entire thing anyway, and by Paradise, only 3rd song in, my arms were starting to hurt ㅠㅠ

as usual, there will be no play-by-play of the actual concert cos the second the house lights went out and they started screening Destiny vers. A, my brain short circuited and everything is a blur of feels in my memory.

random thoughts about this and that.

Kim Sunggyu. Sunggyu. SunGGYU. S U N G G Y U ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ _(:зゝ∠)_

for SMTown Paris I said how finally seeing Taemin living, breathing in front of me after five months was completely surreal and out of this world.
Gyu feels are about ten times Tae feels - and I'm saying that after not being able to imagine anything beyond Tae, okay - and this was after more than a year.
it was utter painful bliss, and life will never be the same again.

Yeollie's hAIR????? OMG??? ? ???? ? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

it was 26(?) songs and close to 2½ hours, I think, but this was too short. way way way too short. but then again, what would have been sufficient?

for me, the setlist was almost perfect. I was disappointed they didn't do She's Back, Request, and 눈물만. last one is "old" by now, I know, so I didn't expect that, but She's Back is one of my fave songs, and I did expect that and Request since they've been doing those for other stops on the tour.
there also weren't any special, native song which I was less disappointed about.

Yeollie seemed remarkably quiet - sometimes almost with a sad face - for the most part, to a point where I just wanted to hold him. I know he also smiled and laughed, and there wasn't a finger to put on his performances, but.. something was off.
and out of all my pics I think he smiled only in a few, and that's not the expected result from Yeol, the crazy, playful kid.

I was really happy he and Jongie got 3분의 1 as their solo, even though I missed my Woogyu, but they sang it really well and it was fun and energetic ^^

I usually don't have issues with Myungsoo in regular Infinite songs, but for some reason his solos just always..hurt my ears. I'm somewhat tone deaf, I think, so it's not necessarily a criticism of Myung's singing abilities, but more just saying that me and his solos aren't the best match.
but so I really didn't expect to get all worked up over his solo (it was one of my intended breaks), but sweet shISUS, the second he came on with that huge white bear I was squealing cos he was just so goddamn cute (≧▽≦)

someone else's solo I didn't have high expectations about I might have had even down right low lol was Woohyun. I had only managed to watch one cam of his full solo cos months into the tour, it dawned on me that I had no clue what either Yeol, Jong, Myungsoo, and Woohyun did for their solos cos everything has been 60초, so I made it a point to check it out before our concerts.
it made me cringe, not gonna lie, to a point where I had thought about not filming his solo at all cos oh. man. this was normal greasy, gross Woohyun times 8274532. no thanks.
but.. it's Woohyun, and in the end it turned out to be a much more beautiful version. it was just sweet with no grease and just lots of beautiful singing, and when he went up on the balcony, and I turned around to try to catch a glimpse of him, but instead saw this girl who was bawling, I just lost it, too.

what made me cry the hardest that night, though, was Gyu's solo. that came as quite another surprise, believe it or not.
I've loved 60초 from the first teaser, so when I heard he was doing that as his solo for this tour, I was so excited! then I heard the orchestra version and was just really disappointed.
I never liked it, and I was so frustrated his solo performance when I was gonna see him, was something I didn't like. I wanted him to just do the whole thing either a capella or at least just as an acoustic version where you could really appreciate his voice.
but, but hearing him, so close, with no music, sing one of my fave songs, which I know means so much to him.. my whole body was shaking so much from crying even before the orchestra part kicked in, it was impossible to make a steady cam.

Woohyun's hair was so cute today, with these little bits sticking out and just- kayoot!

Howon was in such a good mood ^^

obviously biased, but Gyu. was. perfect. singing, dancing, chatting, his English, being a good leader, just... ㅠㅠ he and Dongwoo were exactly as I thought they would be, all happy and smiley and waving 
as mentioned, Yeol seemed blue-ish, but also Jongie was.. I don't even know. a lot less lively? he, too, had smiles and laughter and did fanservice, but I dunno, he seemed a little stiff in what he said, and his aegyo bits often didn't reach his eyes, at least not when I caught him.

I talked to Miranda afterwards and we were both really surprised at how little Woohyun had demanded our attention cos he usually does a lot.
obviously part of it was cos there were biases present, but even hubs were surprised at my lack in Woohyun when we were going through pics and cams!
at first I thought he, too, was a little off, but in the end what was toned down was not him, but his grease. don't get me wrong, it was still there! just a lot less that, and a lot more just Woohyun, and even though it might sound like that made him worse to me, I actually liked it a lot more than the c o n s t a n t slipperiness.
I remember him for his singing and dancing and smiling and how much I love him, and not cos I was annoyed and wincing over him all the time.

they used too much strobe light, it gave me a head ache at times, but more annoyingly it screwed with my camera focus -.-

Infinite might have felt otherwise, but for me, this stage and venue was plenty big. I don't need a million back-up dancers crowding up the place, or lots of fireworks, or whatever they do in the arenas.
the smaller, the better, cos that means closer to the boys.

people holding up big signs in the front constantly is just rude.

as expected Chaser and 60초 had me in pieces, but unexpectedly, the two songs that made the biggest impression on me were Paradise and 너에게 간다.
Paradise was already one of my fave songs, but live version just brought it to a different level, and not even talking about the tank tops, believe it or not. something about Woogyu's voices in person..
and the same for 너에게 간다. I'd only seen it once before when they promoted Man In Love, and I liked it but never enough to listen to it otherwise.
but the way Gyu threw himself into that song was the most beautiful sight and my heart exploded for the nth time that night ♥

I did think it was awesome that they had a live band, but I found it really weird and unusual that they didn't introduce the musicians, or, like, gave them a round of applause at the end.
it would've taken two minutes out of the show, and it would have been nice to be able to applaud them for doing a great job all evening.

I've seen cams from US concert ments, and while some of those made me cry, I was surprisingly unfazed by most of the ments in person.
it was still freaking amazing, being able to understand them directly cos they did so much of it in English, but because it was so scripted (lots of it was the exact same as in the US), it took part of the touching sincerity away from it for me. not that I think they don't mean it, just when I've heard the exact same phrasing before..
that also made it a bit hard to gauge their English levels, but oh my gOD KIM SUNGGYU. HE WAS SO GOOD and just talked much more freely than I expected him to, and just- to be able to understand him completely ㅠㅠㅠ
someone who were totally freestyling his English was Dongwoo LOL of course he had his "bits", but he was just pulling all kinds of random shit out of his ass XD it was the cutest thing.

speaking of ments, it was so annoying that people were screaming so much during both the boys themselves sometimes, but also the translations.

the ending ment did me in, though. even though the ones who did it in English were reading most of it off the prompter, it still made my heart in pieces.
Gyu was Gyu and made me teary, but when Yeol asked if we would still love them like this when they come back, I went into the ugly cry.
and I am not new to making cams by now, and I know to shut up cos it sounds retarded otherwise afterwards, but when Howon said "I say Ho, you say~", the "YAAA" just..happened! >< and when he said he'd come back as a better Howon, I thought, "well, how cos you're already perfect, baby".
stupid Namu made me cry again.
Dongwoo's slight puzzleness over the birthday song made me smile, and his adding "gentlemen" made me laugh.
as did Myungsoo and the little faces he pulls, he such a cutie pie.
ps. thank you for completely soaking Dongwoo's shirt bbbb

Kim Sunggyu, Jang Dongwoo, Nam Woohyun, Lee Howon, Lee Seongyeol, Kim Myungsoo, Lee Sungjong, thank you for not only living up to, but exceeding my sky high expectations by ∞ I love you ❤

I left Apollo with a broken body and a broken heart. like first SMTown this was such a dream come true, and I never wanted it to end or them to leave.
I didn't even think about the fact, that I would be seeing them again in a few days, I just didn't want this perfect evening to end ㅠㅠ

there were no merchandise whatsoever wtf, so I was extremely happy that we could pick up our Early Entry goodie bags before we left, cos this probably meant there will be no goods for Paris, too, and since we don't have Early Entry for that we'll get nothing.
I'm not sure what I expected, but I was happily surprised. the buttons are caf, and full poster set is awesome. not sure what to do with that ID case thingy, though..

anyway, I had to go to the bathroom when we reached Victoria station, and it the meantime hubs managed to find samgak we could have for dinner!
sure it was a JP version, but who cares.

back at the hotel, we ate and started to look through pictures, but in the end we had to sleep cos we were getting up early for the airport.
I was so excited and tweeted a few preview pics before I slept, but no one cared lol the ingrates.. (well, Miranda did but she was all DongwooDongwooDongwoo so :b)
but I didn't care. the perfection was too much to keep in, and my heart was bursting.

the next day was another long, but uneventful journey home.
I cried when we got to Victoria Station cos "the last time we walked here was to go see Infinite" orz
I cried at the airport while hubs went to the bathroom and I listened to Chaser on my ipod. the woman next to me moved to another row of chairs. can't say I blame her.
I cried on the plane and made guy-next-to-me shift uneasily in his seat. poor him.

we immediately went straight into sorting and editing mode, cos I knew it would be hell if we had to deal with both London and Paris at once after Paris, and having to relive everything has made me cry about 3548763 times since then.

tl;dr ot7 is perfect.

that's it... I think?

as far as pictures and cams are concerned, I just wanna make a few comments.

I'm Gyu biased, but I do love all of ot7, so for a lot of the cams, even though I might have zoomed in on Gyu from time to time, I will still call it "Infinite" if it's mainly so.

and since these cams are made for me, "Infinite" doesn't necessarily mean there's ot7 in the shot at all times, it just means it's not only Gyu basically, cos I like to see members closer than an ot7 shot, so that's just how my cookie crumbles.

I am a weak couch potato the days I'm not attending kpop concerts, which just makes it all that much harder to keep a fully zoomed in camera steady as time progresses cos muscles will cramp up.
not that it's all bad, but shaking, check.
ps. hubs are doing the close-up cams for Paris so it should be better xD

edit: we ended up with some really great cams for Paris so do take a look here if you wanna ^^

even though 7 is my lucky number, I often seemed to have missed someone on the farthest sides when I was doing ot7 shots, and I had to constantly count how many was in my frame, but I have math issues so sometimes I got it wrong (◞‸◟;)

stage people love red and blue lighting. cameras do not.

thankfully they didn't fog up the whole place with lots of unnecessary smoke, and as a result majority of our pics came out really great.
and by that I don't mean noona-DSLR, super edited standard, and there are plenty blurs (stupid auto-focus seemed to love the big screen orz), but for compact cams at our distance, and in comparison to previous concerts, I'm damn pleased. there's so. much. eye contact. ㅠㅠ♥
in fact.. I might be a little more pleased with pics than cams, just cos I couldn't contain myself and zoomed in too far too much when filming >< but.. G Y U orz
at least now we know what not to do in Paris.

I have watermarked my pics differently this time, simply because I would like credit for the few pics I imagine you might find good enough to spread around. if that makes me sound big-headed, well.
so while I did consider every location individually, I did also put them in the shot, and not just in the bottom right-hand corner as usual, cos I didn't want to make it too easy for the idiots who like to crop credits out. I'm sorry if it ruins the pictures for you :/
you're always welcome to contact me to ask for pics with the watermark in a less obvious place if you need it for something specific, like wallpaper, or if you'd like me to make you a cropped version of something ^^

and as usual you can click any image to view full size.

edit: the only reason this post wasn't up sooner is because we've spent the past two weeks trying to get youtube to not completely fuck up the quality of the cams whenever there's the big screen in the back, but this is as good as I can get it. I'm sorry T___T 
trust me, no one is more upset about it than me.
but if you watch a cam that doesn't have that much big screen in the shot, you can see what they were all suppose to look like.

other than that it's the usual drill.

please, DO NOT RE-UPLOAD my cams without my permission, but feel free to spread my youtube links around, preferably with a "do not re-up" note.
and DO NOT crop, edit, gif, vine, or whatever else you can think of that would alter my original material.

as far as the pictures are concerned, feel free to share if you find them good enough for that, but DO NOT crop my watermark, DO NOT edit, and please re-up in full size. please credit.

other than that I hope you enjoy, and as usual, thank you if you actually read through this entire post 

6: Infinite - English intro ment
just...close your eyes and listen.. orz

7: Sunggyu - 날개
eye contact ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ♥
(though you probably can't tell with this quality ㅠㅠ)

9: Infinite - English ment
I dunno why some of the ments are so shaky when they're just standing still

12: Seongyeol & Sungjong - 3분의 1
this was a bit confusing to shoot cos I didn't know how the act was gonna go

15: Infinite - 불편한 진실 MV VCR

16: Infinite - 그해여름
you can even hear me go "oh!" when I realize I forgot Myungsoo orz

20: Sunggyu - 60초
don't look at me like that ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

30: Infinite - 추격자
you can't even begin to know what seeing this again in person did to me I am broken

32: Sunggyu - Hysterie
the strobe light ㅠㅠ

33: Infinite - Eng/trans ending ment
ㅋㅋㅋ생일축하 동우얌~^^
ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ인피닛 항상 사랑해 그리고 고마웡♥♥♥

34: Sunggyu - fiddling with Dongwoo's birthday hat
LOL the way he's grabbing the candles like it's teats I caNNOT

35: Infinite - With...

36: Infinite - OGS bts credits VCR
feat. a waving Sungjong at 1:44

note: this is somewhat Gyu biased. consider yourself warned.

I will never not laugh at the way it looks like Jongie's on security guy's head

Gyu arm hhnnng

he's so goddamn hot my insides are on fire

오..오빠... _(:зゝ∠)_

the amount of pics where someone's hand/phone/something blocked a crotch is quite remarkable to be honest.

애긔 고마웡ㅠㅠㅠㅠ♥

명수아 안뇽~^^

who told you you could look all manry


so gorgeous

Gyu pie!!

I just knew I had to make Gyu cam of 너에게 간다 in Paris ♥

asdfghjkl stahp it



7 gorgeous shots from 엄마 ♥

우규 구ㅣ여웡ㅠㅠㅠ♥

stuff going on with butts again..



Yeol literally cockblocking Woogyu

.. o)--<

I couldn't ask for more ❤

it looks like security guy is Gyu's string puppet xD

hubs was amused by his mic position. he has such a dirty mind tsk tsk..


인피닛 수고해써ㅠㅠㅠ고마웡♥


∞ ♥ ∞

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