Friday, 28 June 2013

I can't count high enough for this

there are a lot of things I love about K-fans.
their dedication and devotion to their oppars and eonnirs being one.
their willingness (for the most part) to provide i-fans with pics and cams being another.

what I loathe is the adolescent sense of entitlement and ownership over these people, that some of them display.
the way they feel it's their right to to start rumours and take things out of context and twist it around, and act like it's the universal truth.
the way they scheme and lie, and somehow manages to make waves that reaches all the way to the top.
the way they don't care to consider and respect that real people's careers, reputations and sometimes lives are at stake.

the way they deliberately hurt people.

I am so pissed and frustrated right now. I don't usually bother with rumours or bitches, but this brought Woollim out, and he deleted all of his tweets. those are not usual steps for random harmless rumours..

my heart is breaking a million times over at the thought of how he may be feeling these days.

"Infinite is something I want to protect for life" - 김성규

if he ends up leaving over this..

on another note, it's making me cry even harder to see so many of all the noonas continuously tweet him their unyielding love and support, regardless of whose noona they are ㅠㅠㅠ 

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