Tuesday, 2 October 2012

don't mind me

I'm just blatantly ignoring everything else I should be doing right now and trying not to notice how annoying it is that I have no problem writing this when I can't seem to write anything else so here's another thing I've been thinking a lot about.

Recently I've noticed people expressing that they didn't feel comfortable on twitter when they weren't in a good mood. Of course I told them not to be silly and that people are allowed to be exactly how they are no matter their mood. People are free to unfollow if they don't like.
But then again I myself usually feel like staying away when I'm feeling down or whatever so not judging. 

It's not like I want to have everyone's undivided attention every time I get on, but on the other hand, even when I'm not feeling down I can get annoyed when I feel like people are talking to me without paying attention, you know, like if you're talking to someone who says they're listening all the while having their eyes fixed on the telly or their phone or something. 
And I know, usually people on twitter will have other stuff going on, too, or other convos or whatever, but I just think that if I'm in need of a little TLC or pep talk or whatever, it just makes me even sadder if I feel like people won't even give me full attention in my hour of need. 
I barely ever reaches out to other people besides hubs, and if I were to, I just don't feel like twitter would be the place to do so.. I guess I don't trust people to make me a priority on their own, and I don't feel like I should have to ask for it myself.
I also don't wanna police how/what other should or shouldn't be doing. I trust that people are acting how they want to and if they aren't it's for them to change it, not me.

and no, of course I can't know for sure if this is how things are on the other side, it's an assumption, but RT'ing other stuff or laughing at random things or posting links and answering only every 2-3 minutes gives a pretty good indication..
so if people ask how I'm doing when I'm not doing so good, I'll probably say fine..

but, as I said, in general this is what can bug me about twitter, that no matter the friendships, talking to tlist just rarely feels like talking to friends on the phone or face to face. 
I rarely feel like I have people's attention for more than random chit-chat or goofing off which is also why I don't like getting into more serious stuff of mine on there. Not that I mind talking about it, I just prefer emails where we won't get interrupted by whatever in the middle or where I don't have to witness first hand if people get distracted or whatever.
This is probably also why the people I'm closest to are the ones I also email and where I feel there's a mutual interest in more than the twitter chatter.

I know this post was so weird so am I these days, but I just needed to get this out of my head, so, yeah.


  1. I understand you. Twitter is more for casual chats, I agree. I'll send you more emails in the future!! Also mia i love personal posts like these they are very interesting to read, i hope i can read more of those from you..! >< and weird = good :3333

  2. YOU are so special to me:) Just sayin'.........