Sunday, 8 January 2012

The wall 2.0


My red walls

And yeah, yeah, I know they're not really red or anything, but to me this is red.
When I made Version 1, even though it was in September '11 for some reason there wasn't a single red picture, but that, my friends, have been rectified! xD

When I was done there was this bare hole in the middle, but luckily my fan from SMTown fit like a glove :D

Now this may seem like an easy project, and the wall with the TV is easy enough because it's in straight lines. The toughest job here is to pick the pictures!
But gdi the other one is a pain because of the angles and making it fit without looking too boring. This took me almost 7 freakin' hours! >.<

Anyway, it's here, it's gorgeously glorious red and I love it~♥ 

I assume everyone gets that I'm referring to his hair here..  


  1. So this is what makes you finger hurt xDDD. I guess the pain's worth it since now there are like Taembb every where you go in your apartment ^^

    I know I have said this several times and you already answered all of them also but HOW DOES YOUR HUSBAND STAND HAVING ANOTHER MAN'S PICS ALL OVER YOUR HOUSE WALLS LIKE THIS???

    Anyway, Tae is pretty and the sky is blue. :DD Nothing much to say here.

  2. Haze: brb blowing up the air mattress! It's a double bed 8D

    Kim: LOL Yeah, it's worth the pain! :D
    If only hubby considered Tae a man *sigh* XDDDD

  3. ohhhh he doesn't, that makes sense. LMAO When my mom saw my calendars, she was like =.= "are they girls?" I'm like O___O wut?? hahahah

  4. LMAP orz, mom >.<
    Well, hubby doesn't see him as a girl, just a boy XDD

  5. i really want to steal that chicken hehehe
    and let me sleep over in your room please XD

  6. loo nuuuuu you can't steal my chicken :3 But yes, feel free to drop by!^^