Monday, 13 October 2014

141013 #침침생축ㅎ ♥

지민이 ♥

방탄이의 베이글남 사나이 박지민 ♥

생일 죽하해!!!

I hope you're having a wonderful day! ^^ did you get to laugh? did you get to eat lots of yummy stuff? did the kids sing you happy birthday?? :D
I hope you you were able to rest a little and have some time to celebrate.

right now Bangtan is so busy with Dark & Wild promotions. every day fansigns, music shows, radio, concert and festival performances all over Korea. I know it's good to be busy, and I know you like to get out and meeting the fans, but still, you need time to eat and rest properly, too. are you all healthy?? noona worries about that sometimes.. 
I know you all always wanna be the best for the fans, but really, what matters most to me is that you are all taking care of yourselves. just like you always tell ARMYs: please take care.

and on top of Dark & Wild promotions you have concert rehearsals. 방탄's first solo concert!!!!! finally!!!! I'm so proud of you and so happy for you. I really wish I could go. 
I hope maybe one day you will have solo concert in Europe so noona can come see you. 
화이팅, baby!!! I know you're gonna be great!!

are you happy with how promotions are going??  
I love it. the choreo is so intense and hard and yet you all do it flawlessly every single time.
but you know what I love most about Danger? that 짐니 has so many parts. your voice is so beautiful and sweet and unique and it always touches me ♥

when I was watching AHL ep 3 where 남준 and you have to make your song for Warren G.? it really broke my heart to see you say that thinking about your life makes you sad ㅠㅠㅠ
I know you're with extremely talented people, but it hurts my heart that you don't know that you are the same ㅠㅠ so you might not be the best freestyle rapper, but being good doesn't mean you have to be good at every single thing.
you are still an amazing dancer with a sexy body and a beautiful face, and an even more beautiful voice. 
but best of all, you are an amazing person, 박짐민이 ♥♥♥
you are always polite. you are always caring and kind and considerate towards your members and others. you are always extremely hard-working and determined, and even if you get frustrated or sad you never give up. noona's really really proud of you for that ♥

남준's and your song was about not letting your worries about other people's opinions hold you back. I can understand that, noona had those fears, too. but you do have confidence, 지민아, and I do think you have the courage to push those fears aside and live freely and happily as 박지민.
and always remember: you can never please everyone anyway, so you might as well please yourself.
I know you had to grow up fast because of 방탄, but you're still young, 지민아. it's okay to not have all the answers about life, and to know exactly what you want. that is part of growing up, and in time you will gain both answers and confidence you want, I'm sure of this - even if we're both impatient for it to happen!

I'm sorry if this is a depressing birthday letter >< I just... I wish I could hug you and hold you tight until you feel what I feel and see what I see: that you are beautiful and talented and perfect just the way you are. for you to believe that, that is my birthday wish for you ♥

hmm.. I know this is my 3rd letter to you already. I hope you're not tired of me?? I guess noona just misses you a lot ㅠㅠㅠ
you know, I traveled all the way from Denmark to Korea, and I got to see you perform both at 나눔콘서트 and Lotte Family Concert. you were amazing, 방탄 were amazing. my heart hurts every time I look at my pictures and videos from those nights ㅠㅠㅠ 
thank you for giving me beautiful memories for life ♥

and thank you for everything. you brighten noona's life and for that I am grateful ♥
I hope I can see you again soon! ^^

I hope you'll always keep your fighting passion and keep making your dreams come true, both with 방탄 and music, and in life and love. 
you deserve happiness, 박지민이, and I wish you nothing but the best ♥

항상 고마워 ♥
항상 수고해써 ♥
영원히 사랑해 지민얌 ♥
빙탄소년단 정~말 사랑해 ♥
앞으로도 화이팅!!! ^^

once again, happy birthday! have a happy day~! ^^

다음에 다시 만나 지민아~

덴마크에서 모든 내 사랑을바치면서 ♥♥♥

~ 김재미 / @mhn7700

look at the cute stationary from Busan for my Busan baby ♥

blue hearts cos he said blue's his fave colour?
this was always just supposed to be a letter cos not enough time and imagination to find and buy actual stuffs.

last minute I did put 30000 Won in cos 1) in Korea money's a very common gift and it's not thought of as getting off easy (cos no effort in stuffing money in an envelope), and, honestly, B) we had 40k left over from Korea, so I gave him 30. I have no idea if 30k would be considered a big or small amount in Korea, but for me/DK standards, it's not very much.

Miningful Moment noona got the last 10k as a small thank you for accepting my letter, even though she was aware it would be after her deadline for the birthday project. I think, in the end she agreed cos I told her it was already in Korean and didn't need her translation so she just had to pack it with the rest of her birthday stuff.
she's a sweetheart and my fave yellow card master, and I'm really happy I ended up with her.
I was originally going with another noona, who I also love, but when I needed her shipping address, she didn't reply for 2½ days - no doubt cos Bangtan was having insane schedules during that time, but still.
so I had to contact someone else in order for my letter to make it to Korea in time, and thankfully Miningful replied me right away.

anyways, the end is the same as my previous letter cos it still holds true, and also cos I thought maybe, just maybe, a little repetitiveness would spark some recognition and he'd remember my other letter and know this one came from the same person. if he even read the other letter.. 

다시 한 번 생일 축하해 찌미나 ♥ 싸릉해 ♥

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