Monday, 17 February 2014


this will probably be turn out to be some weird post, but.. I dunno, it's been on my mind all day.

for a while now I've been an avid viewer of the Running Man, it's my absolute favourite TV show!
it took me a long while to see the light, but once I did I was hooked and I've been so ever since.

true to Korean variety TV, the cast is a diverse bunch, all with different characters to suit everyone's taste.
I love all of them, they sweet and funny and caring, all in their own ways, and by now they play their roles so well it's effortless.

but I have a sweet spot for Gwangsoo. in general I'm a champion of underdogs, I believe in treating people with respect, and that everyone is equal (until proven otherwise) and deserves to be treated as such. 
that means that there are certain aspects of Korean culture least has the ability to rub me the wrong way, and even though RM and it's characters are just that, "characters", I think it still pushed some buttons in me from the get go when Gwangsoo is being treated like too bottom-of-the-food-chain-ish just because he's the youngest.

it's not like I'm pitying him, it's TV for god's sake, and I know they're all close off screen. Gwangsoo just...happens to fill a role I am sensitive to, let's put it like that. 

anyway. I follow an RM fanbase on twitter, and yesterday I just happened to be online when they tweeted something about an admin Yun and how she got to go on stage with Gwangsoo during a recent fanmeet, and RIP Yun.
at first I just thought they meant it as a joke cos she got to meet her idol, but turns out they meant it for real.

the short story about Yun and her love for Gwangsoo really touched me, probably cos I love him to bits, too, and I decided to link the post to Gwangsoo.

I basically ask him if he speaks English (since the article's in English), and then I tell him he's a very sweet and kind man and that I'm grateful for that, that I'll always cheer for him, that I love him, and I wish a him a good day. (at least that was my intention, I used Google Translate so >_>)

my Korean aside, I honestly don't think I expected him to..anything, really? I mean, this is a celebrity, don't they get hundreds, thousands of mentions??

the thought that he would actually pay attention to my tweet never even crossed my mind more seriously than me dreaming about Infinite returning my love confessions >_>

so my jaw nearly dropped this morning when I just happened to see said fanbase tweet Gwangsoo "thank you", and I went to check his twitter and he had posted this.


of course I can't know if a lot of other people also chose to alert him to either the blog post or Yun's story in general, but since I at least did, it really moved me.

obviously I didn't link him to make him feel sad or bad or to semi force some public statement about it out of him. there are other RM/Gwangsoo fans who pass away without the world noticing, so although I don't doubt Yun was passionate about Gwangsoo and RM (you kinda have to be to be admin on an active fanbase), I wasn't trying to "promote" her as special or anything.

I simply wanted him to see this one story, showing how loved he is, just by being the wonderful person he is 

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