Wednesday, 10 July 2013


so, yesterday life was going pretty good. sure, hubs had bought a new motorcycle less than a week after he bought the first one, so we now have deal with the hassle of selling the first one, there were still lots to take care of before we were ready to leave for camping holiday on Friday, but we were getting there, and my period was being its usual bitchy self, but overall things were good. 

and then my doc called.

I went to have blood tests done on Thursday cos 1) I was about 4 months late for my regular quarterly blood work (I get tested regularly cos I take high blood pressure meds), and 2) I've been having these frequent dizzy spells for the past month and a half or so, and those were actually what finally got me to get my ass in gear and go see my doc.

turns out my blood count and iron level were so low, most likely due to my extremely heavy periods, that my doc was almost surprised I was able to stand up, and she wanted me emergency admitted to the hospital. 

needless to say I was quite surprised and a little shocked at this news. she talked about me maybe needing a blood transfusion and everything.. but of course I agreed to go to the hospital asap! - and then I sat down and finished the episode of Running Man I was watching cos priorities and stuff.

when we got there no one in general admittance seemed to know I was coming despite my doc saying she would notify them so everything took forever, but they eventually got me sorted.
I had new blood tests done, and at 3:30 we went up to the Gyno ward. 
I had asked the biochemist who took my blood how long I'd have to wait for the results, and she said about an hour so we did expect some waiting. however, right when the results were in, the attending gyno on call was called into an emergency C-section or something, so we ended up waiting until 7 o'clock.

but when she was done rescuing babies and it was finally our turn, the doc was very nice, and despite her being a little puzzled as to why my own GP hadn't just prescribed me the meds, she took good care of me.

and since I was there and since I had a history of uterine fibromas, she thought it would be a good idea to scan me cos sure, they could treat me for everything right now, but long-term it was a matter of making me bleed less so I wouldn't always lose so much blood during my periods.

I did know that during my last operation to have fibroids removed, the surgeon left one in that wasn't in the way of anything back then, but maybe I should have had that checked up on earlier cos now it had grown to 5 x 3,5cm, and she said it takes up almost all of my uterus by now...

bottom line: I got pills to stop my current period asap to not lose more blood, I got put on iron and vitamin C and B12, and I have to get new blood tests taken today to see if there's a reason besides the fibroma that's making me not clot my blood better and hence losing so much of it during periods.
and I have to get new blood tests done at the end of the month, and then come have a talk with a specialist in fibromas to see if it's resectable in their opinion, or if I will have to have a full hysterectomy if I want it removed.

hysterectomy. isn't that a nice thing to have to go and think about for a month.. 

and it's not that I want kids or that we want kids, but major surgery.. plus full anesthesia.. fuck. fuck fuck fuck.

of course it's totally up to me. this is elective surgery, at least for now. I can just choose to live with the expensive pills and the crazy periods and the growing tumour, no big deal. but....

oh, and fun fact. cos I just went to the hospital, if we go abroad and something should happen where I have to go to the hospital, if I go to a German hospital, I'll probably have to foot the bill myself cos DK health insurance won't cover when you just went to the hospital.
of course we could just take the chance, but for some reason we feel a little down on our luck right now, so now we have to come up with a new vacation plan since we were supposed to leave the day after tomorrow. 

goddammit. life sucks. ugh.

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  1. S H I T

    i have to say that while ALL OF THIS SUCKS and i'm really sad you ended up in a hospital (yoU'RE FUCKING ANEMIC IF YOU'RE MISSING IRON AND B12, THAT'S WHAT VEGETARIANS USUALLY MISS YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TELL ME ABOUT MEAT NOW SEE HA) at the same time i'm really happy that you're getting sorted out and even about the surgery because it's so sad for you to have to calculate when you can do things and just take your periods into consideration all the time and man

    a tumor


    i hope your vacation will go well and nothing will go wrong. i hope it'll take your mind off of it, at least for a while

    and if you decide to do the surgery - pls do pls do - just remember that you are mia. you've been through so much shit and YOU CAN DO THIS AND I WILL BE ROOTING FOR YOU AND WISHING TO BE THERE WITH/FOR YOU

    i miss you a lot
    please don't get sick
    dun get any more tumors
    only ur love for me is allowed to grow in you

    (tunisia is turning me into a woohyun)

    i love you lots!!!!! <3