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of presents, procrastination, and what is my life even

January 22nd 2013

I once mentioned in a post that I might do another post about the wonder that is my tlist aka my twitter crew, but on second thought I won't. first of all, a lot of them changes over time, and secondly, no one mentioned, no one forgotten, if you know what I mean.
I will however gush a little about one of them here. I guess one mentioned after all.

so when my package finally arrived today from Ree (I call her Miranda don't ask) I was just expecting something I'd bought from her, and I didn't pay that much attention to it so when I opened it and saw all this I sQUEALED! so much stuff, so much, well, LOVE ♥ 

a hat for hubs, cookies, candy, letters, a travel book!! and all those little sticker notes ;~;

I can't wait to try the candy, and the Hello Kitty mani set's so cute ♥ 

oh, and the hat? yeah, he was happy lol he's gonna wear it when he goes golfing ^^

the purple envelope went with the CD, apparently, and she wrote on it to listen to the CD first and then read after, so of course I did. 


that's our jam ♥ 
well, to be honest, we have a lot of jams by now cos we seem to love a lot of the same music ^^ 
the CD went on to U-Kiss, Tintap, my bb Gyu, Jiyong, and several songs I didn't know. not that I minded, it has been on repeat for 14+ hours currently! 

anyway, stuff happened and I got distracted from this cos, well, that's just my life one long string of distractions sigh, but finally I remembered the purple envelope! and oh dear lawd, somebody hold me ;~;

I kinda did expect an explanation to the songs cos why else would I have to wait to read until after if it wasn't cos she didn't wanna spoil the track list surprise, but.. 
this was basically a list of reasons why I love this girl to bits. she's the most attentive, thoughtful, sweet, caring girl, and on top of that she has a kick-ass memory which really helps in situations like this if purpose is to make saps like me bawl their eyes out.

this is the track list:

1) Infinite - Cover Girl. The Chaser is my Inpiniteu song, but somehow this became ours ♥

2) U-Kiss - Tick Tack. one of my fave songs "even tho Japanese"! 

3) Kim Sunggyu ♥ - Because (live rock version). live, just his voice and him, screaming his way into my- um heart, I love this song so. freaking. much. 
it has a slight..melancholy feel to it? I dunno, maybe it's just cos it's a rocky ballad and not a poppy one, or maybe it's just cos it's him, but it really gets to me whenever I watch or listen to Second Invasion.

4) Huh Gak - Hello. omg this song, THIS SONG
I recognized it cos I think I've heard it from around when I've live streamed music shows, but I have never payed him any attention. to be honest, the first few lines I actually thought it was a Woohyun solo NO I DO NOT HAVE WOOHYUN ON MY BRAIN 8| but of course it was soon clear that it wasn't. 
a gorgeous ballad and his voice is really beautiful, you should check it out if you don't already know it!

5) Teen Top - 향수 뿌리지마. my first and fave Tintap song *sobs into hands* 
forget about morals, forget about ethics and just let the beat and their voices and the feeling of wanting to punch Chanhee in the everything wash over you~ 

I've listened to this song more than once every single day since it was released (Korea trip excluded tho) in July '11, but I've listened to live versions cos that's what I do with songs, and while I do love those live versions, love to hear them and their real voices, flaws and all, it's really nice and surprising to sometimes get to hear the prettified studio versions, and really get to hear their clean voices with no other static around them. 

this song makes me remember why I love Chanhee's voice so much and why I became an angel to begin with ♥
back in the day me and Miranda really bonded over our undying love for this song, a love that's still going strong ♥ ours and for the song lol

6) Calvin Harris and Florence Welch - Sweet Nothing. oh my god. 
from the first note of this song I was in love *u* she has such a cool voice and the beat is so catchy and the whole thing has a very David Guetta - Titanium feel to it and I absolutely LOVE IT.

7) The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition. another one I hadn't heard before, but I really like. not kpop, if you feel like checking it out ^^

8) Block B - Mental Breaker. I had never heard this song before, and it actually wasn't until the 2nd or 3rd rotation that the words "mental breaker" got through to me and tried to ring a bell cos I remembered that name, I just couldn't place neither the song nor the voices o__o feel free to brick or shout at me lol 
"I guarantee it will have you singing along to Kwon's "LALALA"s in no time" wow bias always gets the challenging parts 

9) Tiziano Ferro - Il Sole Esiste Per Tutti. um so how bad is it that I didn't realize this was Italian until I read the track list? ._. 
mind you, when I say I've listened to the album on repeat I didn't mean sit-down-and-listen-intently, I meant put-on-and-rock-along-to-while-making-grocery-lists-and-wrapping-presents-and-skyping-and-such so it's not like I can't tell Italian from English or Korea you know ._.
Miranda said that the lyrics "vorrei ricordassi tra i drammi piu brutti, che il sole esitste per tutti" (I hope I copied that right) were the reason she wanted this song to be on the CD. it means "even in the roughest of times, remember that there is a light for everyone". I cried some more.

10) Haha & Skull - Busan Vacance. 우와아아아아 부산 보고싶어ᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲ 
ugh I've been having such severe Korea/Busan withdrawals lately it's not even funny... I think it's cos I know I won't go back for years now? ;~; but yeah

11) Delispice - Chau Chau. also hadn't heard this one before, and even if I didn't love it as much as Miranda it's not bad!

12) G-Dragon feat. watshername - Finally. gee to da deeeeee! 
Miranda wanted Jiyong up in here which I can only applaud cos, well, Jiyong, but unlike her I dun think I'll ever be bored with That XX (cos I made the mistake of watching a translated version, and, boom, done with everything), but having said that I love pretty much all he's done cos his voice uGH so I didn't mind this song at all.


thank you so much, Miranda. let's stay friends forever, and run into each others arms, crying, again soon ♥ I love you 

January 23rd 2013

sigh anyway.. procrastination orz

I have been wanting to post here for so long now, not that I had anything interesting to say of course, but I am such a fucking procrastinator it's ruining me. and I don't mean procrastinating about this here, but about some other major writing projects I have. 

I didn't get around to doing my Christmas cards this year, and..sigh I know, it must seem a bit silly maybe, but it's really bugging me cos they mean a lot to me and I've been doing it for as long as I can remember, but, yeah.. I did get a few out so if you got one, consider yourself special people!
I have some important emails that need replies, some are months old 8|

I have to finish my Big Bang fanaccount from December, and the travel/fanaccount for Korea from August/September, but those are just such huge posts it's overwhelming me even before I've really started ><

but so you see, it's all stuff I wanna do, but the way I unfortunately seem to function is by the more I have to do the less I do. 
I dunno if you can imagine, but that can get to be a problem, especially if you at the same time have a personality that can't tolerate lose ends and unfinished business very well.
and when I feel stressed I feel even less motivated to do stuff.. /sigh

so instead of doing some of all the stuff I know I "should" be doing, I let myself do all kinds of other stuff, like, get stuck on twitter either talking to people or even just backtracking unimportant stuff, or clicking videos on youtube or... or even just doing this, cos for some reason this is a lot easier to write out than those other things..

and what is my point of this even I dunno.. 

lately I've just been thinking a lot about will or motivation or energy. what is it that I'm lacking since I know what I'm supposed to do, I know what will happen if I don't do those things aka not good things, yet I just can't seem to do just any little bit.. 
it's, like.. I will say to myself "okay, you REALLY need to do this, agreed??!" and I will nod to myself and totally agree, but- then just go do something else, like, what the hell :(

and I try really hard to not let myself get caught up in the easiness of posting here before I get the fanaccounts done or else they will just forever get pushed back. 

I just had to come here for Miranda's package ♥

but I'm gonna get a move on cos I wanna post the kpop posts and I wanna post the pictures from Korea and.. yeah..

see ya??

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