Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Yesterday I ate a small tin of sweetcorn. 

Since my insulin count..number..thing is through the roof and I'm 2 seconds away from developing diabetes I shouldn't be anywhere near sweetcorn or carbs in general, let alone eating it. I know this, yet I ate the entire tin. Granted, it was only, like, 120-130 grams, but still.

Why is it so difficult to do the things I know I should?

The things I want to do because I agree it's best for me, yet.. I don't. 
Like stay away from stupid sweetcorn when you know it could give you a life-long disease, or just diet in general. Or not even diet, just...stop the goddamn snacking. FML
Or get off my ass once in a while and..move. Lose weight, get in shape, live happily ever after..

Why is it so hard to make myself a priority?


  1. (sigh) I am pretty sure most women feel this way. I know if I tell myself I can't have something....I want it even more!!! When my doctor told me I had diabetes when I was pregnant with Elisabeth, I drank a chocolate milkshake. lol I wasn't trying to hurt the baby, I just have no willpower!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "I know if I tell myself I can't have something....I want it even more!!!"
    Kim, we must've been separated at birth.