Thursday, 22 March 2012

#SHINeeIsBack - Sherlock MV..or not? And scans

Yesterday was weird again because everyone thought the MV would be out at midnight KST, meaning my 4pm, and even all the big fansites were reporting it.

Trends were being spread and in no time people had #giveitupforSHINee on top of the Worldwide twitter trends

And soon after followed #SHINeeSHERLOCKMV and pushed the other tag to 2nd place but they still managed to stay no. 1 and 2 for so long!!

But then came and went 4pm and soon it was clear that we were all being super trolled by someone. I couldn't stop laughing XD

But, yeah, that soon died down and then people all scattered.
Later it was announced that it would be out at noon KST, meaning my 4am, but at this time a lot of people were either sleeping or working or in school so it was very different from earlier. And once again......nothing -_______-


When I woke up today SM had uploaded this pic

Before I headed out though, the scans from the Sherlock photobook started pouring in and I'm dying right now to get my hands on my copies, like, you won't even believe!!!

[click on pics to see full size]

My bony baby   


When I got back home tonight there was still no sign of the MV >O I'm getting so tired of this. But now it's 3:50am and rumour has it it should be out in the next few hours. I can't wait..

Not gonna wait up for it, though, because I'd rather sleep before the live stream of the first comeback stage on Mnet Countdown in 6 hours! The recording ended just a little while ago and all the noonas tweeted about how amazingly it went. Obviously they're crazy biased but still.

And the Making Of Sherlock MV should be released an hour before Mnet so actually I'm gonna wake up for that! ^^

And a wee update because ma twitter gurl was kind enough to inform me that it wasn't 5 different album versions like I thought here. It's just a clear sleeve, but all five photobooks in every sleeve /happy I didn't buy 5 CDs.

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