Wednesday, 28 March 2012

SHINee - Show Champion ♥ tvN TAXI recording

120317 - Today the boys performed on Show Champion, an MBC of some sorts. Who knows, I've never watched it before.

LOL Tae's manry "ahem" so he doesn't get mistaken for a girl when he goes to the bathroom made me laugh.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! They won the trophy!!! *\o/* First Sherlock win  I'm so proud of my bbs ;~;

Flower child 

You presh kid 

Oh, baby, your smile ;~;

Apparently they did make it to no 1 just not in my tweetdeck. And what a no 1 to lose out to, huh..

And then they were off to record TAXI for tvN. Once again I have no idea what show that is, but for some reason the fancams reminded me of a mix between Running Man and Guerilla Date or something.. But it looked like so much fun and the boys were in such good moods, I can't wait to see the show! :3

This cam omg she's so close to them ;~; Tae looks so sexy with that ponytail *q* And happy boys are happy  애기야ᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲ

Oh, and this was included in the previous video but from the other side and it's just a priceless MinKey moment so I had to included it 

Apparently they were imitating an incident from a variety show where the MC had grabbed a woman's butt and put his hand between her legs? Obviously a no-no but it made for great cams now~! lol


That smexy ponytail *q*


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